Britain, the center of tax haven, is the world's worst corrupt country

ByKaren Roe

"Worldwide reported"Panama documentWith the release of "Tax Haven" has gained a lot of attention. The British newspaper Independent claims that the world center of the tax haven is the UK and Britain is the most corrupt country in the world.

When a mafia expert tells us Britain is the most corrupt country in the world, it's time to start listening | Voices | The Independent

Mafia expert Roberto Sabiano said that Naples-based criminal organization "CamoraPeople who publish books uncovering the actual circumstances and are targeted for life by the organization. He is the man who puts his life to reveal the truth of Mafia.

Mr. Sabiano said Britain was a corrupt country with more corruption than Afghanistan, southern Italy and Nigeria, and the degree of corruption is top class in the world. People think that Britain is a country away from the mafia problem and the corruption of the state, but London is actually the capital city of money laundering (money washing) of money gained by buying and selling illegal drugs. Approximately 90% of drag money flowing to European countries and the United States is passing through London.

According to Joel Benjamin of Independent, a newspaper focusing on political news with a neutral stance, Britain will build its own style of tax and haven system. In Britain there is no law to penalize the acts of racism and politicians who heavily depend on people such as relatives and relatives and politicians who preferentially follow financial capital are punitive , It seems that corporate crime and money laundering are rampant, mainly in London.

Mr. Benjamin is an organization called "Old Boys Network" that put together the established forces of the London political scene as the cause of institutionalized national corruption. For example, John Kee, a political ally of U. 75th prime minister David Cameron, who was an executive of investment bank Merrill Lynch and was familiar with foreign exchange transactions, took over as Prime Minister of the 38th New Zealand. Key Prime Minister told New Zealand as "a British royal family famous for tax havens"JerseyMr. Benjamin said he worried that New Zealand will be used as a place to wash money for the Old Boys Network.

ByPetras Gagilas

Besides jersey, there are many places of world famous tax havens such as Guernsey, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Virgin Islands etc in British belongings. In other words, Mr. Benjamin insists that the British who enjoys the location of many tax havens is the most corrupt in the whole world.

Non-governmental organization tackling political corruption and corruption "Transparency International(TI) "every year"Corruption recognition indexAlthough it is making public the thing called, there is little description about corporate crime that rampant in London and frequently decorate headlines often in newspapers. Since the Corruption Recognition Index investigates only the act of abusing public offices such as bribery to obtain illegal funds, corporate offenses that conduct illegal economic activities to pursue profits are not investigated. Therefore, it is generally recognized that the UK originating from London is far from state corruption.

However, profit organizationsTax Justice NetworkIs ranked among the top 25 in the list ranking each country by the number of tax havens etc. Jersey, Cayman Islands, Virgin Islands, Guernsey, and the United Kingdom are ranked in the top 25. First place is Switzerland, but Britain is at the same level as Switzerland when including all belongings.

Mr. Benjamin is seeking transparent and credible worthy political measures by Prime Minister Cameron before Britain falls to the bottom.

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