"God of the skateboard world" challenges the transcendent trick while it rotates to the gourge under weightlessness

Tony Hawke, also known as "the god of the skateboard world" who is the most successful person in the skateboard world, together with Aaron Homoki and Aaron Homoki, one of the world's best professional skaters, will challenge skateboard tricks under zero gravity "ZeroG | Tony Hawk and Aaron "Jaws" Homoki"Has been released. Tony Hawk in 1999X GamesTrick in two hours and a half turns in the first air history in history "900 (Nine Hand Red)Although it is a legend that succeeded, we are showing off amazing tricks even under zero gravity.

ZeroG | Tony Hawk and Aaron "Jaws" Homoki | Sony - YouTube

We are providing a zero gravity state created by parabolic flight by aircraft "Zero Gravity Corporation"Cooperate, skateboard challenge under weightlessness will be done.

Aaron Homoki (left) and Tony Hawk (right) challenge.

So, get on the skateboard and get on the aircraft.

By challenging tricks in the aircraft, Tony carefully checks how much space it has.

And then, takeoff.

Since most of the seats are removed to enjoy the zero gravity condition inside the aircraft, I will lie on the ground and wait like this until I create a zero gravity condition.

After a while the body flushed softly ......

First of all experience the gravity of one-third of the same earth as Mars.

Aaron also expresses this gravity to one-third of the gravity which has never experienced before.

And I will challenge tricks at once ... ...

I could not control my body as I expected, it is a lot of work.

Next, experience the gravity of 1/6 of the same earth as the moon.

Aaron challenges the hand plant.

Tony grabs the skateboard by hand ... ...

A round and round turn.

However, it failed to landing.

And Tony & Aaron & photography crews who lie on the ground again.

At last we enter the zero gravity state.

Floating fluffy ......

True Tony also seems to be unable to hide the excitement.

And although they are trying to challenge tricks, I can not control the movement of my body as I think ... ...

This expression. Although they are two professional skaters, it seems to be fun anyway, leaving it laughing like a child innocently after entering the zero gravity state.

"O Maimer! What the hell happened?!" Tony and Aaron are excited.

After that, two people tried and error to see what kind of tricks can be made under weightlessness while rotating around the corner anyway.

Tony is turning Aaron's body and deciding what it looks like a trick, because it is difficult for one person.

Aaron sticking to the shooting team with a lot of momentum.

Whether it has become accustomed to weightlessness, Tony also shows tricks continuously with a cool look.

But do not forget to appeal to the camera whether weightlessness is too fun.

Infinitely rotating kick flip only under weightlessness.

Tony and Aaron talked about skateboarding under zero gravity at first for a while, but from the way "a lot of possible trick ideas come up under weightlessness".

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