Red Bull Air Race Brilliant air racing machine that colors Chiba 2016 and glossy lace queen Summary

The ultimate three-dimensional motor sports "Red Bull Air Race"Came to Japan this year as well. The race will be held on June 5, 20161st conventionFollowed by Makuhari Seaside Park in Chiba Prefecture. Prior to the race on the 5th, before the 4th hanger (hangar), a colorful air racing machine and air race queen joining the flowers to the race gathered.

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The seaside with a hanger is quite strong wind.

This is a hanger. The booths of each team line up all the way to the back.

This year the Air Race Queen was born.

First of all, a point leader Matthias Doddler 's booth.

White EDGE 540 V 3. Number number is "21"

The mechanics had polished the aircraft carefully.

Team · dollarra's image girl.

Nicholas Ivanov's booth

Orange × black EDGE 540 V 2. On the vertical stabilizerHamiltonThe clock is drawn. The number number is "27".

Team Ivanov image girl.

2008 champion Hannes Alihi's booth.

There was Al Hu player.

Silver EDGE 540 V3. Number number is "22"

Team Alchi's image girl.

It was a good handsome Alhit as ever.

Pete Macrode's booth.

Genuine black Garmin color EDGE 540 V3. The number number is "84"

Image girl of team · macro lead.

A two-time champion experienced Kirby Chambliss booth.

Red Bull's EDGE 540 V3. Number number is "10"

Image girl of Team Chamburis.

The 2014 champion's Nigel Lam booth's booth.

BreitlingYellow MXS-R in color. Number number is "9"

Lam player who will celebrate the 60th birthday. I will aim for the throne recapture.

Image girl of team · ram.

Also in the Breitling / Racing team's Franco Rubo booth.

Ram player and color are the same, but the aircraft is EDGE 540 V 2. Number number is "12"

It was a very relaxing appearance of Levo.

Team Ruvo's image girl.

Booth of Matt Hall player who is second overall in 2015.

It has been changed to Red Bull's Simply Coke color MXS-R from 2016. The number number is "96"

I have wonderful winglets.

Even the Hall player was constantly smiling.

Michael · Goulian's booth.

White EDGE 540 V 2. The number number is "99"


Next to the fuselage, a pylon of Red Bull can was put in Chiba 's course layout.

Team · Goulian image girl.

A booth from Peter Podlansek who is participating in the master class from 2016.

Red × Black EDGE 540 V 2. The number number is "37"

Looking closely, the tip of the wing was a small winglet.

Podlansek player.

Podlansek player also has image training with Red Bull can.

Image girl of Team Podlansek.

It was a lively booth.

And we are Yoshihide Muroya's booth.

Muroya player appeared. Two-shot with image girl.

FALKEN color EDGE 540 V3. The number number is "31"

On the vertical tail is the character of "righteousness".

The white and red wheel parts were renewed.

It was carefully repaired with tape.

The aircraft's setup is going well. Even in practice flight there is never over G. Chiba said that there is no time difference, there is an advantage that it can have high motivation by being able to see by many people.

Monday, Friday 's free practice was top time. Hopes for expectations will rise for the first victory of wish.

Martin Sonka's booth.

Red Bull color EDGE 540 V3. Number number is "8"

Winglet attached.

Image girl of Team Sonka.

further,AIR RACE QUEENS by ROBERUTA Image girlAnd it was Sonka player full of flowers on both hands.

Huwan · Berarde's booth.

Berarde was a rough appearance.

EDGE 540 V 2 based on white. Number number is "26"

Team Berarde's image girl.

Petr Kopstein's booth of the 2014 Challenger class overall victory.

What a colorful EDGE 540 V3. Number number is "18"

In the wings and the aircraft an illustration was drawn as narrowing down.

Team · Copupein image girl.

Finally AIR RACE QUEENS by ROBERUTA image girl.

Who is on this podium? Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2016 The race will start from 12 o'clock on June 5, 2016.

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