If humans disappear from the world, what will happen to the earth afterwards?

The present earth is dominated by a human being said to have the highest intelligence among living beings. If such a human being disappears from this world in an instant, what kind of thing will the earth be like, a movie depicting such a fictional future figure is "What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared?"is.

What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared? - YouTube

The appearance of people going around the street. Even though this road, the car, and the power and gasoline that moves them are all human beings ... ...

What will it be like if only human beings disappear obnoxiously?

The fountain keeps flowing as if nothing had happened beyond the bench where someone was up until a while ago.

Several hours after the human race disappeared, the lights of the city began to disappear around the globe.

This is because the supply of fuel used at the power plant that was supplying power stopped. Even though it is a power plant where automation is advanced, once the source of energy is gone, it is just a building and a machine.

One of the nuclear power plants is expected to continue operation, but sudden drop in power consumption occurs due to human annihilation, so nuclear power plants in various places stop operating and shift to "safe mode" I will.

The wind turbine generator will continue to operate. But this also stops power generation as it will not move within a few months to a few years because there are no people doing maintenance of equipment.

It will continue to operate until the solar power plant and hydroelectric power plant are broken, but that power will never be used.

In this way, the supply of electricity stops in most places of the earth, and the era where the earth does not have power again comes.

A few months after the power stops, subways in the world will submerge. This is because the mechanism that drains the flowing groundwater will stop operating. However, there are no human beings troubled by that even if it is submerged.

The poor thing is an animal such as a pet. Pets living with humans will not receive food and water, so they will be killed one by one as they are attacked by hunger and dehydration symptoms.

Many livestock that was managed by humans will die out as well.

But here the animal's instinct is evoked, so as to reveal wild nature one after another.

The pretty pet dog also immediately lives in a world of weak cookery.

Once a day passes, things that human beings have created will start to break. For example, in the case of a nuclear power plant.

Although it is a nuclear reactor that had been shutting down power generation urgently, the cooling water started to evaporate as the system was not cooled.

Eventually the nuclear reactor will melt down and in some cases it will cause a big explosion. Disasters like those that happened in Fukushima occurred one after another in nuclear power plants around the world.

Due to the released radioactive material, many animals lose their lives due to diseases such as cancer due to their proximity.

Several years after the annihilation of mankind, mysterious shooting stars will be observed in the night sky.

Its identity is because artificial satellites that lose control begin to fall one after another. In this way, the civilization that human beings made will disappear one after another in just a few years.

The city is gradually covered with vegetation and the city returns to nature.

The streets of San Francisco have changed like this.

The human being who was cowling the earth disappeared, the time of the animal arrived.

By the loss of human activity, the air of the earth will surely become beautiful.

A city that is returning to nature

Champs Elysees is also covered with vegetation ... ...

After several hundred years many of the buildings that are no longer under maintenance will start to collapse.

A skyscraper collapsing one after another

The dam no longer used by anyone collapses. But no one is in trouble.

Long years ago, rich nature will return to the earth.

There are lively streets where many people have been working out every night ......

Weathering progresses, it goes away without a trace.

Buildings that make use of nature like the Sphinx statue and the mountain of Rushmore in the United States may be keeping its appearance for a relatively long time.

And millions of years to tens of millions of years since the annihilation of human beings, the traces of former human civilization are almost lost. Materials such as plastic and glass which are hardly decomposed remain as the only trace, but it will also disappear after 100 million years.

At that time, perhaps the next new "human being" will be born on the earth. However, they do not seem to know the form of civilization that former human beings built.

In this way, the Earth will continue to mark the flow of eternal time even if you lose humanity.

The end of the movie is "Earth can continue to exist even if you lose a human being. But humans can not live if you lose the earth. Cherish the earthIt was finished with.

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