The valuable 1906 record data that Edison advertises on its own gramophone

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Inventor Thomas Edison invented incandescent light bulbs and activity photographs,gramophoneHas been improved to succeed in practical use. In order to make the gramophone's performance known to the world, Edison has recorded valuable data that he recorded advertising complaints with his own voice.

Edison announced an improved model of gramophone in 1877, but at least until gramophone penetrated into American households at leastIt took about 20 years. The gramophone developed by Edison uses a copper cylinder with a tin foil wrapped around it as a recording medium, records a sound with the hand attached to the root of the horn while rotating the cylinder by hand, replacing the diaphragm and the needle It was to reproduce.

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In order to advertise gramophone, Edison explained the benefits of gramophone by first person's point of view of gramophone and recorded with gramophone. The recorded voice was being played at a store handling phonograms for promotion. Actual audio data can be watched on the following page.

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I am the Edison phonograph, created by the great wizard of the New World to delight they can have melody or be amused. I can sing you tender songs of love. I can give you merry tales and joyous laughter. I can cause you to join in the rhythmic dance. I can lull the babe to sweet repose, or waken in the aged heart soft memories of youthful days.

I can give you grand opera, comic opera or vaudeville. I can give. I can always give it to your home. I can render solos, duets, trios, quartets. I can aid in entertaining your guests. When your wires are worried after the cares of the day, and the children are boisterous, I can rest tie and me will for me, for I always have something new to offer.

If you sing or talk to me, I will retain, I will retain, I will go, I will go wherever you want me, in the parlor, in the parlor, in the porch, on the porch, in the camp. I can help you to always hear the voices of your loved ones, even though they are far far. I talk in every language. I can help you to learn other languages. The voice of the clearest, smoothest and most natural talking machine. The name of my famous master is on my body, and tells you that I am a genuine Edison phonograph.

The more you will acquainted with me, the better you will like me. Ask the dealer.

I am Edison's gramophone. It was made to please people by the hands of the great magician of the New World. You can sing a gentle love song, you to the world of music and rhythmical dance. You can sleep a crying baby or remind old memories.

Every moment you feel, the gramophone is ready to entertain you. After work is finished, you can enjoy theater and opera at home. Grand opera, Kiki opera,Board BuildingYou can listen to songs such as opera such as opera, holy music, pop music, dance, orchestra, instrumental music. From solo to quartet can be reproduced. It is also possible to entertain guests invited to the house. Also, if your wife is having a worry or if the children are noisy, you can use the gramophone to relieve your wife and make the children quiet. Gramophone never gets tired. Also, you will not get tired of gramophones so you can listen to new songs one after another.

From the elderly to the young people, everyone can enjoy it with gramophone. You can bring gramophones to everywhere, including guests, hospital room, entrance, camp, summer resort. If you talk to the gramophone, the gramophone can record words and songs and you can play it whenever you want. Even if you are away from your lover or family, you can listen to the voice of loved ones by using gramophone. The gramophone can be played in any language, and it helps learning foreign languages. Gramophone is made with top quality technology. With this gramophone, you can reproduce the sound clearly, smoothly and naturally than any other gramophone. The name of the great master who invented the gramophone is engraved on the body, indicating that this gramophone is a genuine "gramophone of Edison".

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