The world's first one-chip 8K decoder and real-time image processing technology, etc. are exhibited at COMPUTEX by Socionek which combines technologies of Fujitsu & Panasonic

System LSI development company of Team Japan, which integrated Fujitsu and Panasonic's system LSI business in March 2015 "Socionext"Is the world's largest IT trend show"COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2016"Showed the high level of Japanese technology such as world's first one-chip 8K decoder and real-time image processing technology with imaging processor.

World's First 8K HEVC Video Decoding Processed in One Chip
(PDF file)

Arrived at Sosio Next booth.

In the vicinity of the entrance, it displayed images of 8K (7680 × 4320) resolution.

The 8K video is outputted in an LSI capable of decoding the world's first 8K (HEVC) video with one chipSCH 801 A"The prototype board loaded with. The SCH801A is cooled with a black fan.

LSI size is about 45 mm square.

The video is output from 4 HDMI 2.0 cables.

Each cable is responsible for outputting an area obtained by dividing the 8K panel into four. If one display is pulled out, one of the four corners will not be output. We output 4K video to each area, we seamlessly connect it to 8K, and there is no image gap or collapse at all. Although the output itself can be decomposed into four in accordance with the scanning line, it seems that the output method like this is used to correspond to the 8K output in the multi display. Although the 8K broadcasting is not yet started, the technology for real-time decoding on one chip has already been completed.

Following SCH 801 A, the image processor "Milbeaut (Mill View)8th generation product "MB86S27Demonstration.

Demo is done using a drone that is hanging in the air and stopped.

In the drone, a camera is installed in four directions. We are observing fixed point of 360 degrees around these four cameras. Moreover, it is said that MB86S 27 is carried in the white box attached under the drone.

By using MB86S27, it is possible to process video in real time and generate images as if they were shot in drones. If you look at the movie below, you can understand the magnitude of image processing technology of MB86S 27 in a single shot.

How to link still images by linking with Sosiorext's image processor "Milbeaut (MB86S 27)" freely - YouTube

The one that was projected in the picture is "virtual drones"

By processing images with the MB86S 27, it is possible to output video in real time as if shooting virtual flying drones from a third party perspective. It is unexpectedly smooth and natural image that you joined the images of the stationary cameras.

By using the image processing capability of MB86S27, it is also possible to remove image shaking in real time.

The picture which shakes the drone attached to the pole with hand and compares the state of video processing by MB86 S27 with ON state is as follows. It is possible to understand the processing capacity of the MB86S27 which removes image shaking in real time with a single shot.

Real-time elimination of image shake with Sosio Next image processor "Milbeaut (MB86S 27)" - YouTube

In addition to these LSIs, it is also possible to encode 4K video in real time in hardware "(PDF file)MB86M31"Etc. were also exhibited.

Compared to the iPhone 6s, you can understand the smallness of the prototype board. With the MB86M31, 4K video can be compressed in real time with a standard picture quality of about 25 Mbps BS digital broadcast size. It is said that it will be offered for broadcasting stations in anticipation of 4K broadcasting start.

Socionequest is a group of engineers who only designs LSI and peripheral software,FablessWe will release the product at. It seems that we are doing product development at Yokohama and Kyoto laboratories making full use of each of the strengths we had at Fujitsu and Panasonic.

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