A movie in which Americans explain the secret of "sushi"

Sushi which is a Japanese food over the United States has been born since the American celebrity "Sushi (Sushi)" unique to the US using ingredients not found in original sushi such as cream cheese and avocado. In Vox 's "The real secret to sushi is not fish" (Sushi's real secret is not a fish), how did sushi become famous in America from the birth of sushi It is explained.

The real secret to sushi is not fish - YouTube

When I go to the American supermarket chain Whole Foods Market ......

There is a packed sushi section.

Even at convenience stores like Seven Eleven ......

There is handling of packed sushi. Now sushi is available everywhere in the United States.

Raw fish is impressive "sushi", but it does not mean "raw fish" ... ...

It is said that it was born from "Vinegared rice" used to preserve fish for a long time and "acid (sushi)" due to acidity of vinegar rice.

Back in the old literature on sushi, its origin is said to be in Southeast Asia thousands of years ago.

In the mountain area where fish can not be taken so much, when the rainy season comes, fish will be drained in paddy fields.

Farmers in Southeast Asia salted them for long-term preservation of valuable fish, which is hard to take ......

I wrapped it in vinegared rice and sealed it in Tal.

Since bacteria in Tal convert sugar contained in rice into lactic acid, it made long-term preservation possible for several months without fish going bad. However, it is only fish pickled with rice vinegar to eat, it seems that the rice dish itself was thrown away without eating it.

This preservation method is said to be communicated to Japan around the 8th century.

The Japanese at the time refined this preservation method, shortened the fermentation time and eat the rice dish with the fish "A trash"became.

Rice vinegar was born around 1600 years. Rice vinegar was mixed with rice, it was used as a seasoning which flavors without damaging rice.

As a result of the association of pastorie with rice vermicelli in the nineteenth century, "rolled sushi" was born.

In the Edo period, sushi was sold at stalls. The size of the rolled sushi was 3 to 4 times larger than the modern one, and the diameter was about 7.6 cm to 10.1 cm.

"Nigiri sushi" which puts the story of vinegared rice at this time was born. In the literature that showed nigiri sushi for the first time, Kawanagi called "a rice of grass that is grasped by warrior" is written, and if you move your hand to cast a witchcraft, sushi is completed like a magic It is considered to represent how to do.

By the invention of refrigerators / freezers in the 20th century, sushi using raw fish became more and more common.

The first time a sushi restaurant shop landed in America was in the 1960's.

"Kawafuku (川 福)" which set up a store in the Japanese town of Little Tokyo in Los Angeles is America's first sushi restaurant. Later, by the 1980s, sushi came to be recognized throughout the United States.

American rolled sushi has undergone a unique evolution, and it looks like rice is on the outside and glue is often turned inside out so that glue is inside. This is because many Americans did not have the habit of eating seaweed, because the glue was improved to hide it.

There are several arranging sushi using ingredients that are not in Japan, and the most famous sushi is "Philadelphia Roll".

Philadelphia Roll is a rolled sushi with smoked salmon and cream cheese.

"California Roll" is also one of famous sushi in foreign countries.

It is a rolled sushi using avocado, cucumber and crab.

Besides American sushi material, there are rucola, beef, carrots, chicken, peppers etc. It has evolved differently from traditional Japanese sushi.

In some cases, "Burrito Sushi" which coalesces sushi with "Burrito" which is a common dish in the USA ... ...

It seems that even "American fried sushi" which is deep fried butter is present in oil.

In Canada, famous "Dynamite · Roll" made of sushi roll of shrimp heaven is famous.

As you can see, traditional Japanese food continues to change to suit each mouth, but using anything with vegetable rice is the same. Although it is a sushi with a strong impression of 'raw fish', it seems that the most important part of sushi 'Vinegared rice' has not changed since long ago.

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