Monument Valley, which won numerous prizes, shows how much downloaded and profitable in the past two years

A puzzle game that grabbed the hearts of many people with a surprising trick based on a graphic of a fantastic world view and a "cheating picture"Monument Valley"Has won many awards since its introduction in 2014. I developed a gameUstwo GamesIs clarifying how many times Monument Valley which has been two years since the release has been downloaded, how much sales it has been raised, and what awards have been acquired.

Monument Valley in Numbers: Year 2 - Medium

◆ What is game "Monument Valley"
Monument Valley is a game that unravels the puzzle by manipulating the hero in a realistically impossible building or geometric world, the beauty of the graphic and the interestingness of the puzzle are highly appreciated. For what kind of game it is possible to see in detail in the following review article which actually played up to "Forgotten Shores" of the additional stage.

The trick game game "Monument Valley" of "2014 best app & game" to adventure the geometric pattern era - GIGAZINE

Ustwo Games has revealed the attitude of widely disclosing the achievements of the game and in fact released in January 2015 the number of downloads and sales amount of Monument Valley which was about nine months after release. Among them, expenses of about 100 million yen were invested in the development of the game, sales were revealed to be about 680 million yen, etc.

The best app & game of 2014 "Monument Valley" startle development cost and revenue data release - GIGAZINE

◆ Infographics showing the number of downloads etc. after 2 years of release
And in May 2016, two years have elapsed since release, ustwo Games is publishing the second achievement using infographics. According to its contents, the number of downloads in 2 years is about 26.1 million, already installed on 50 million devices. Total sales for the past two years are about 14.38 million dollars (about 1.6 billion yen), iOS has an overwhelming market share of 73% by platform.

Of the total download count of 26.1 million 2459 times,About 80%It is said that 21 million 7189 times corresponding to that which took place during the free download period. In addition, a paid upgrade (240 yen as of May 2016) to the sequel "FORGOTTEN SHORES" following the main part is done about 2.73 million times. The total number of downloads in the first year was about 3.1 million times, but it increased significantly to 22 million times in the second year. By platform, it is clear that alongside iOS, China's iDreamSky has a large share.

A graph of the daily sales trend after January 2015 is like this. In March 2015, graphs are growing sharply as Kevin Spacey played games in the drama "House of Cards", as well as implementing 99 cent campaigns, half-price campaigns, free campaigns etc. You can see that the graph is growing every time.

Also, numbers related to Monument Valley etc. In the aforementioned "House of Cards", the president who is playing Kevin Spacey was playing at the Monument Valley, as well as being exhibited at 13 museums and galleries, sales of the digital version soundtrack are about 24,000 dollars ( About 2.6 million yen), the sales of goods is 28,000 dollars (about 3.1 million yen), and it is understood that the numbers are arranged side by side as if the requests to the new level are counted so as to be countless.

Monument Valley also appears as the stage of the smartphone "Crossy Road". In this stage, to date statistic that the girl "IDA" of the hero is about 34 million times, IDA's buddy "totem" is about 1.7 million dead. By the way, the totem has appeared as a hidden character.

Monument Valley has earned 20 awards so far. In addition to the Grand Prix of "2014 iPad Game of the Year" and "11th International Mobile Gaming Award", we received recognition for many awards such as Best Visual Art Award and Best 3D Visual Award.

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