"2nd Generation Boosted Board" which advanced electric skateboard of 30km / hour which can become the feeling of exactly that name detective further advanced

Electric skateboard at maximum speed of about 30 km "Boosted Boards"It is possible to move a distance of about 10 km with the battery fully charged, but when analyzing the data of the exclusive application, it seems that there are multiple riders running hundreds of miles (100 miles = about 160 km) every month , Double the travelable distance, added a number of functions not included in the previous model "2nd Generation Boosted Board"Has appeared.

Introducing the 2nd Generation Boosted Board - Boosted Boards

With the 2nd generation Boosted BoardThat name detectiveAs you can see in the movie below you can see how to slide the city in Switzerland in one shot.

Introducing the 2nd Generation Boosted Board - YouTube

The male's skateboard is 2nd Generation Boosted Board. Without kicking the ground, I will go to Switzerland while operating remote control at hand.

With a powerful driving force you can also keep a steep uphill on the board OK

80 mmOrangatang Wheelsuse

The movable distance extended from 6 mile (about 10 km) of the previous model to 12 mph (about 19.3 km) by installing an extended battery.

powerfulRegenerative brakeIt is equipped, after running down a downhill ... ...

I was able to stop ky at the intersection. I firmly confirmed that there were no passers-by persons and cars on the left and right and restarted.

On the day of rain, there may be a large puddle on the road, but parts such as motors and batteries are waterproofed so there is no problem.

The deck partLoaded BoardsBamboo deck adopted.

Since it is more compact than a bicycle, it can also escape as it goes through between traffic jams

Boosted Board The riders are meeting each other.

Bought a burrito before leaving ......

Go to the destination while gripping with one hand. Boosted Board is easy to carry with one hand, so the point is not to think about bicycle parking lot or parking lot.

It also has an accessory port for waterproofing, and it is possible to mount a headlight and a taillight on the board so that it can run even at night, or can charge a smartphone.

It looks like this while driving the lights on. Since skateboard riders running in the night road often do not see from bicycles and cars, it seems that they can safely travel with each other as long as they can light such a bright light. In Japan, it runs with a motor rated power 0.6 kW or less"Electric kick board" and "Electric scooter"It is considered to be a bicycle with a prime mover. The Boosted Board is also expected to apply to this, so be careful as there is a possibility that you can not drive public roads without the proper equipment and driver's license.

2nd Generation Boosted Board is accepting advance reservation and if you pay a deposit of 100 dollars (about 11,000 yen), you can get the product at the same time as sale. The shipment is scheduled for July 2016, the price is $ 1499 (about 165,000 yen) for "Dual +", about $ 1299 (about 143,000 yen) for "Dual", about $ 999 for "Single" It is 100,000 yen). The specifications of each are as follows.

Dual +:Motor power · 2000 watt, maximum speed · 22 mph (about 35 km / h), ascending gradient · 25%, normal mileage · about 11.2 km (about 19.3 km with extended battery installed), weight · 6.6 kg ~ 7 kg
Dual:Motor power · 1500 watts, maximum speed · 20 mph (speed of about 32 km), ascending gradient · 20%, normal mileage · about 11.2 km (about 19.3 km with extended battery installed), weight · 6.6 kg ~ 7 kg
Single:Motor power · 1000 watts, maximum speed · 18 mph (speed of about 29 km / hour), upward slope · 10%, normal mileage · about 12.8 km (about 22.5 km with extended battery installed), weight · 6.0 kg ~ 6.4 kg

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