Even though it is potatoes, it has apple flavor, a long-established fruit of Kyobashi Senjuya "Non certified" lake pond "Potato chips apple flavor" tried

Mandarin orangeBeginning with potato chipsShortcakeYaToast flavor & milk flavorPotato chips such as "Masaka" appearing one after another, Lake Ikebaya will release potato chips of apple flavor from May 30, 2016. Long-established fruit for releaseKyobashi Senjuya"When I visited him and asked me to eat it, although I could not receive the certification, I was sympathized with the fact that I expanded the new possibilities of fruits.Potato chips apple flavorI tried it a bit before.

Long-established fruit store Kyobashi Senjuya "Non-official" Lake Ikebaya "Ringo taste" potato chips on sale "4th breakfast trial set" limited release on sale

This is a package of "potato chips apple flavor". A picture of a huge apples is a landmark.

In the raw material name is the word "apple juice powder" next to a potato chipslike material such as potato, vegetable oil. In addition, it is said that apple is using domestic fuji. The calorie per 50 g of bag is 284 kcal.

I will try opening potato chips from the bag.

At the time of putting it on a dish, there was not a scent of apples in particular.

However, when you eat, the juice of sweet and sour apple spreads in your mouth before you feel the flavor of potatoes. The compatibility between apples and potatoes is also better than imagined, although it is wonderful that "it is potato but apples taste", it is by far the best album for sweet little sweets.

Also, try applying cinnamon powder ......

It suddenly became a flavor like apple pie and I enjoyed a fancy taste which I do not think as potato chips.

Banana flavored potato chipsHe was good with cow milk, so could you taste the apple flavor? When I tried eating it, the combination of the crunchy feeling of chips and the sweet and sour apple appeared like a granola, there was not such a feeling as when cinnamon powder was applied, but this is also an ant if it is an ant.

Finally, by trying to coat with chocolate, trying it ......

Add mellow chocolate and sweet potato chips with apple sweet and sour, into a new sense of sweets. Because the presence of chocolate is strong, the flavor of the apple is somewhat defeated, but it is perfect as a supplement for coffee and tea.

The actual price of potato chips apple flavor is around 115 yen. In addition, at the online shop of Lake IkebayashiPotato chips toast taste & milk flavor"Fourth breakfast trial set" in which three kinds of apple flavor are set in two bags is available for 2000 sets only with 980 yen including tax and shipping fee.

【Shipping included】 Potato chips 4th breakfast trial set (up to 3 sets per person) (toast flavor (50g × 2 bags), milk flavor (50g × 2 bags), apple flavor (50g × 2 bags)): Koikeya potato chips | If you buy a snack Lake Keiya on-run shop

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