The discovery of police monitoring cars disguised as Google Street View cars

Taking pictures of Google Street View with a camera on the ceilingGoogle Street View Car"The existence of surveillance vehicles that camouflage cars going around the street by camouflaging them has become clear in the United States.

Philly Police Admit They Disguised a Spy Truck as a Google Streetview Car | Motherboard

The existence of this vehicle was revealed by Professor Matt Blaze of the University of Pennsylvania discovered and tweeted. The image uploaded with the comment "What is this? Camera of the number plate of Pennsylvania police license camouflaged in Google street view car" is attached to the rear view glassy illustration of Google Maps, the front There is a vehicle with the camera mounted around the glass.

It was 11 am on 11th May 2016 that the vehicle was taken. A plastic card stating the owner was affixed to the vehicle, and it was stated that it was owned property of Philadelphia City.

Based on this tweet, each American media also reports news.

This Is not a Google Streetview Car, It's a Government Spy Truck | Motherboard

For the existence of this vehicle, Philadelphia City initially explained that it is not a vehicle used by the police, but later said that the police acknowledged that it was a user of the vehicle. In response to the interview of the Internet media "Motherboard", a state police spokeswoman said in an e-mail that "This vehicle was reported to belong to the police, but the attachment of the paste was approved in the command system The police who confirmed this matter instructed us to remove paste immediately ", he said.

The camera mounted on this vehicle is based on an infrared camera and has the ability to capture the license plate of a car traveling on the road at least 1000 sheets per second. By recording together with the GPS data while driving, it is now possible to save traffic data in town. In the United States already cracked vehicles with similar cameras are already being used, this system itself is not a problem, but there is a doubt about the fact that we were conducting monitoring actions while disguised as Google Street View Car I am raised.

Google has made a comment saying "I am carefully watching" about this matter. The data of the car that was shot is kept for 1 month, but as for the point that even the data of the person irrelevant to the crime is left, the voice to point out the problem from before It is said that it was raised.

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