A project to draw huge mural paintings at Google's data center around the world "The Data Center Mural Project"

Billions of requests are sent to the cloud everyday, including photo sharing, web search, language translation. Although these data are processed at the physical data center, there is little opportunity to know the size and structure of the data center which can be said to be supporting modern life. In order to widely inform the current state of such data center, the project which Google started was "The Data Center Mural Project(Data Center Mural Painting Project) ".

The Data Center Mural Project

The Data Center Mural Project is a project to paint murals in four data centers located in Maize County, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, USA, Saint-Gillan, Belgium, Dublin, Ireland, Council Bluffs, Iowa State, USA. Designs drawn at each data center are handled by different artists.

There is a page for each data center, and you can see the whole picture of the design by changing the angle with the overview of the data center, the internal photo, the details of the artist in charge, the photograph of the drawn design and the movie of the production process, click Content such as photos is prepared.

The following is the data center in Mays County, Oklahoma, responsible for data processing in the western and central parts of the United States.

The Data Center Mural Project

Mural painting was handled by digital artistsJenny OdellIt is said that a collage made from images collected from Google Maps is drawn on the wall of the data center.

Movie recorded with fast forward movie showing how mural paintings are actually drawn in the data center has also been released. You can see how a lot of staff is using a crane to draw a picture on a vast wall.

The Data Center Mural Project: From Pixel to Paintbrush - YouTube

The data center before mural painting is like this. It seems that it was quite a stormy building.

Prepare a base that will become a canvas on one wall.

A large amount of paint is prepared.

The swing used to clean windows etc from the wall is suspended, and the staff is working on the coloring of the design in total.

There is a draft by the artist in the place where paint is painted, and the appearance that the team finishes extensive mural painting together.

There are also designs made up of smaller dots than paint cans, and it is wondering how long it took.

Also the mural paintings of the data center of Saint-Giselin in Belgium that supports Google users such as Western Europe have been completed, and you can see details from the following page.

The Data Center Mural Project

It was Belgian artist who painted a mural paintingOli-BHe said that he drew an abstract interpretation of "cloud" and elements of the data center such as employees and communities.

The way Ori-B's picture is drawn on the wall can be watched in the following movies.

The Data Center Mural Project: Painting a Cloud - YouTube

Saint-Giselan's data center is a little smaller building than the United States.

Mural paintings are drawn using lift cars instead of swings.

Instead of using the whole wall surface, it was a design that was dotted with an abstract image of the cloud and the data center.

In addition, only the above two mural paintings are published at the time of article creation, details of the mural painting project of Ireland's Dublin and the Iowa State Council Bluffs of the United States will be coming soon.

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