"NASA Technology Transfer Portal" which can search NASA's patented technology that can be used for free

NASA, the US Aeronautics and Space Administration, which continues space development for about 60 years since the late 1950s, has acquired numerous patents on technology obtained during development. Some of them already have patent rights disappearing into public domain, but NASA's site is able to search for such patented technology.

Public Domain

To search for technologies that have lost patent rights, simply put the keywords in the search window in the middle of the page OK. First, enter 'engine' and click 'Search' and search it ......

78 patents hit. Its name is "Carbon fiber reinforced carbon composite materialPiston and cylinder using the "segmented ion injection device" "two stage with a closed cycle heat exchanger in the middle"Expander cycleRocket engine "such as those who are interested in engineering and are likely to rise excitedly are lining up.

Click on "Piston and cylinder using carbon fiber reinforced carbon composite material" and open it, the part corresponding to "patent outline" is stated. Its content is "an improved reciprocating internal combustion engine with cylinder blocks, cylinder tubes, cylinder jugs made from carbon materials combined with a plurality of pistons made of carbon material". Click on the number part at the bottom ... ...

The patent information page published by the US Patent and Trademark Office is displayed. This page is full of characters, but clicking "Images" ... ...

A page where you can see the PDF of the patent document is displayed.

Patent Images

On this page it is possible to read the full text of the actual document.

"Engine with conventional aluminum piston and cast iron liner" (FIG. 1) and "Engine with carbon composite material piston and conventional liner" (FIG. 2), "Carbon composite material piston and liner The difference between the "Engine with" (Figure 3) was explained in detail.

In addition to this, "a reusable rocket that can be launched with the aid of a jet engine that takes in air supplementarily" ... ...

Patent Images

We also found "spherical solid propelled rocket motor" developed in the 1960s. Since all of these are technologies whose patent rights have been extinguished, they are technologies that can actually be made by themselves and used / sold.

Patent Images

This page is an effort to open the technology of NASA to the world widelyTechnology Transfer ProgramWhat is being done as part of. As in this page, a page that allows you to search past patent technologies has been published, and also technologies that are valid for patent rights can also be used free of charge if certain conditions are met. However, although it can be used for free for the first three years, it is necessary to pay royalty and administrative fee to the inventor at the stage of profit generation.

NASA Technology Transfer Portal (T2P)

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