An epoch-making eye massager "Water-propelled Eye Massager" that will comfortably massage the tired eyes with hot and cold circulation

What makes my eyes tense and stingy when checking smartphones and computers from morning till evening. To rest your eyesEye mask to warm eyes with steamThere are also, etc., I massaged my eyes gently by circulating warm water and cold water, I improved blood circulation around my eyes and loosen cori and specialized in relieving my eyes by supporting the generation of tears Devices were developed.

Aurai-The World's 1st Cool / Warm Water-propelled Eye Massager by Aurai - Kickstarter

The function and usage of Aurai's eye massager can be confirmed from the following movie.

Wake up in bed in the morning ......

A woman who checks the smartphone immediately.

In modern times where digital devices are overflowing, there are also many people who overwhelm their eyes from morning till night, often tiring eyes. A woman who confirms a mirror has a bear.

Overworked eyes during the day as well.

Some men are eyed by allergies.

Even if you keep a smile while working, your eyes get tired.

Working without blinking too much towards the computer.

Even if I finally got home, immediately turn on the TV ......

Touch the iPad.

A woman who removes a contact.

It seems that you are suffering from the symptoms of dry eye.

Check your smartphone until sleeping ......

I fell asleep as it was.

Eric Chu, the founder of Aurai, a man in the image developed Water-propelled Eye Massager.

As a method of relieving fatigue, there are various things such as warming · chill · putting cucumber · massaging with a spoon ... ...

Aurai's eye massager was developed to try to establish a method that can be executed more easily, reliably, without time and effort.

A number of materials were tried in the eye massager development. The nonwoven fabric is dismissed because it has poor thermal conductivity.

Copper foil is not comfortable and rejected.

Gel was also dismissed as liquidity is bad.

And the way to get the circulation of water to improve the flow of blood around the eyes. Because it does not strongly vibrate, it gently unravels the eyelids.

The eye massager is equipped with a vibrator that causes vibration and a printed board unit that controls vibration. Since it is a mechanism that vibrates and circulates water by the vibrator, direct vibration of the vibrator does not transfer to the user's skin.

Aurai's eye massager's excellent point is that it can change the temperature quickly. As other products rise in temperature to 32 degrees in 2 minutes, Aurai's eye massager will rise to 40 degrees in 2 minutes.

Furthermore, it is a feature of Aurai's eye massager that it can be used not only as a warm mask but also as a cold mask. By massaging at a low temperature of 18 degrees, blood circulation around the eyes is improved, the cori is relaxed, and massage at a high temperature supports the generation of tears and relaxes the eyes.

A pack containing water ......

Wrapped in silicone ......

It was completed as a device.

Therefore, it is designed to fit any person in the shape of a face.

Aurai's eyed massager has obtained patents in China, Germany, the USA, etc ... ...

In 2015 Japan'sGood Design AwardWe have also won the award.

The way you actually use it looks like the following. It looks like a VR headset.

The code continuing from the side of the massager to the controller is growing.

There are four buttons on the controller from the left: the power button, the cold button, the circulation button, and the warm button, and perform the operation.

Afterwards, if you relax and lie down, the eye massager will relax your eyes comfortably.

The structure of the main body looks like this. The size is 16.5 × 7 × 6.5 cm for the eye mask, 21 × 4.5 × 5 cm for the controller, the weight is about 521 g. It is rechargeable, it's the weight and size you can carry on your trip.

Besides the main body, a purse suit and a charging adapter that are convenient to carry are bundled.

While Aurai's eye massager is seeking investment for commercialization, the target amount is 50,000 dollars (about 5.5 million yen), but it is already over 263,000 dollars (about 29 million yen) at the time of article creation I succeed in collecting it. If the total amount of investment reaches 300 thousand dollars (about 33 million yen), it is said that the following variations such as pink and blue will increase.

To get one eye massager, you need to invest over 129 dollars (about 14,000 yen), the shipping schedule is September 2016, if shipping to Japan is done, it costs $ 22 ( Approximately 2400 yen) is required.

The deadline for the investment is 21:35 on June 5, Sun 2016 in Japan time.

Aurai-The World's 1st Cool / Warm Water-propelled Eye Massager by Aurai - Kickstarter

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