A ten-year-old boy found a bug in Instagram and earned a bounty, updated the youngest bug hunter record

Web services and software in the world have bugs and faults that are inevitable inevitably. Since it may be used by malicious attackers, Google, Mozilla (Firefox), Facebook, etc. have programs to reward people who have found bugs and reported. The program revealed that a 10 - year - old boy got $ 10,000 (about 1 million yen).

10-vuotias Jani löysi haavoittuvuuden Instagramissa - sai yli 9 000 euron palkkion

Why Instagram Paid Out $ 10,000 to a 10-Year-Old Finnish Kid - Fortune

Ten-year-old connected $ 10,000 reward for finding Instagram bug | Technology | The Guardian

A 10-year-old boy named Jani who lives in Helsinki, Finland who did an honorable discovery.

The bug we found was that it was possible for a third party to paste a comment that a malicious code was inserted in the comment field of the Instagram application, and it is a 10,000 dollar (about 1 million yen) as a reward for the bug detection program, Was paid.

Regarding bugs, reports were made in February 2016, and measures are now in place. Jani says he will purchase a new bicycle with this reward. According to Finland's news site · Iltalehti, he says he wants to be a cyber security post in the future.

So far, the youngest record of the bug-finding program seems to have been a 12-year-old boy living in San Jose who received a reward of 3000 dollars (about 320,000 yen) from Mozilla, so that it was renewed for two years Become.

Mozilla pays 12-year-old San Jose boy for hunting bugs in system - San Jose Mercury News

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