Svalbard Seed Vault inside of the unknown large huge facility backing up and preserving the seeds of the world in preparation for the end of the civilization and the end

A facility designed to prevent extinction of agricultural crop species in preparation for future climate change / natural disasters / nuclear war, etc., and to provide opportunities for resuming cultivation when plants extinct around the world are "Svalbard world seed storage"is. Most of the year is in a closed state, and images infiltrated into a mysterious facility that can only enter several people in the world are released on YouTube.

First of all, what is the Svalbard world seed storage? You can understand it crisply by watching the following movie.

Look Inside The Doomsday Vault That Protects Seeds Of The World - YouTube

A modern building buried in the snow is the Svalbard world seed storage.

Svalbard located in the Norwegian region of Spitsbergen located about 1,300 km from the Arctic is a place with world seed storage.

Built in concrete, the appearance is a modern impression.

In the 427 feet (about 130 meters) storage space ......

There are 865,000 seeds of plants preserved.

Until now it was functioning as the main storage, but in 2015, since the Syrian civil war prevented the seed cultivation in the same seed bank, we took out the full-fledged sample for the first time. "Within the facility, regardless of political issues, it is only important to safely store the seeds," said a staff male.

This facility opened in 2008 is closed most of the year and only a few people can enter the world.

So, you can see the state of infiltration of such world seed storage from the following movie.

Inside the Svalbard Seed Vault - YouTube

A man from the reporter started talking about "This is the most important freezer in the world," the movie started.

"Ben that is right," the manager answers.

"Some people say" the most important room in the world ","

A state like this is like this and vast nature spreads out.

This is the main entrance.

Although the temperature in the vicinity of the entrance is not so low in the building, it seems that the cold air becomes stronger as it goes further.

We must pass through the five doors before reaching the most important "secret room".

Open the door ... ....

More tunnels continued. The building is designed to survive explosions and earthquakes and last for 200 years.

There are three reservoirs located 120 meters from the entrance of the building, one of which is currently in use. Since the storage is in the permanent frozen layer, it seems that the temperature is kept minus 4 to 5 degrees throughout the year without air conditioning. Therefore, even if electricity can not be used due to troubles, it is possible to keep low temperature in the storage.

Going further in the tunnel there are more doors ......

When opening the door ... ....

A wall and a ceiling frozen room appeared.

There are three doors in permanent frozen tunnels, each followed by a reservoir.

Every place in the room is full of ice.

In the storehouse there are boxes containing seed packs and bottles as follows.

Seeds come through the airport, but the package has never been opened. It seems that only people who actually use seeds can open the package. Also, drugs like marijuana and seeds of genetically modified plants are not accepted.

Sometimes it is said that you want me to preserve seeds of genetically modified plants by themselves, but they are likely to refuse.

So it is finally infiltrated into the storage.

As you enter inside, you can see that there is another door.

As I passed through the door, it looks like this in the storage. The temperature is kept at minus 18 degrees.

Behind Bent ......

There are many cardboard boxes sticked with a Canadian flag. You can not know the type of seed inside from inside the box, but you can see the contents by reading the seal with the barcode in the computer.

Red wooden boxes were delivered from North Korea. It was commented "I feel like I came from the 1960s."

On the same shelf there are boxes coming from Korea and boxes coming from America.

"It's like a small United Nations," Bent said.

There are still more vacant spaces in the storage, but if all three reservoirs function, you will be able to save as many as 1 billion seeds.

"Because of climate change, nobody knows what kind of plants will grow in the world 20, 30 or 40 years from now.Saving various types of seed is important for the next generation It's very important for getting food, "Bent said.

Seed storage is not limited only to the spitzbergen island store, but it exists in 1,700 places in the world together with large and small. A huge expenditure is required for the operation of the storage, but when the civil war has made it difficult for Syria to study at the International Dry Agricultural Research Center (ICARDA) and it is time to move the facility to Lebanon and Morocco Given the fact that seeds have served the world seed storage, the role of the storage department is very large.

The space that only one of the storage rooms was made was the place where there were seeds shipped to Morocco & Lebanon. ICARDA had 325 boxes in the Svalbard World Seed Storage, of which 130 boxes and 116,000 samples were returned to the new facility.

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