Works of "Laarco Studio" to create portraits with robotics and algorithms

Using 2000 to 3000 hooks and 5 meters of thread, controlling the machine with a computer to create a portrait like a picture or a pencil drawing is "Laarco Studio"is.

Laarco Studio

The work of Laarco Studio is from the following. movies"Odyssey"Matt Damon and ... ...

David Bowie

Clint Eastwood

The Beatles etc. These are all stretched threads into the nects that are driven into the board, but it is said that the thread and thread are calculated not to collide. In addition, it seems that it takes 12 hours in total to run a stick each one, and 14 hours using a machine, with a total of 26 hours.

Layer princess and ... ....

Benedict · Cumber batch of "Sherlock".

Although it looks like a natural shadow when viewed from a distance, you can see that the threads are stretched tightly when viewed nearby.

From "Indiana Jones", Harrison Ford

"House of Card Ambition of StairsKevin Spacey.

Looking at the work from another angle is like this.

In the algorithm, multiple criterion analysis is used and it is brought as close to the original image as possible, and the position of the nerve is determined by the angle detection algorithmVoronoi diagramIt is calculated based on. All work of threading threads is controlled by computer and it is possible to see scenes created from the following movies.

Frida Kahlo timelapse - YouTube

At the beginning it is just the state that the crowd is being driven cramatically. You can see the human face slightly from the position of the kook, but I do not know the details such as a woman or a man.

As we stretch the string of curs ......

The face gradually emerged.

It's like finishing with a pencil.

What was drawn was Mexican painter,Frida Kahlowas.

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