"Robocop" to protect people's safety is really developed in China

ByMarcelo Braga

Robot-type police that patrols autonomously and prevents crime "Anbot"Developed by China's defense university.

China's first security robot debuts - People's Daily Online

China's first intelligent security robot debuts in Chongqing - People's Daily Online

This is Anbot developed by the Chinese defense university. In the following pictures, the next male operates using the controller.

An egg-shaped Anbot has a height of 149 cm and a weight of 78 kg. The maximum speed is 18 km and it is possible to run on a flat ground, and it carries a sensor that plays the role of human's ears, eyes, brain, etc. functions. It has a smart monitoring function that detects voice shouting "Someone helps", and in case of an emergency it is also possible to contact the police by pressing the alert button of Anbot.

When you detect a threat with Anbot, you can manually operate like a laser device called "riot control tool" from a remote location. In addition, at this time the laser device is designed to crack up on riots without affecting human lives.

A demonstration that a mannequin 's legs grasped firmly was also done as follows. It is an automatic rechargeable type, it is said to operate for 8 hours with one charge, but we do not mention about charging time for full charge.

Although it is thought that it can play an important role to prevent terrorism and riot by patrolling at low cost and analyzing the recorded surrounding images, on the other hand, "If terrorists escape by using stairs or escalators It is pointed out that the question "Is it possible to replace the local police with a robot for cost reduction and can not cope in case of emergency"?

In the field of robot engineering, attention to "Robocop" existence that plays a role such as patrol is big, and in fact Dubai is planning to introduce RoboCop since 2017. This robocop has built-in intelligence, screens, microphones, etc. Tourists can contact the Dubai police call center to obtain necessary information.

UAE: The 'real' Robocop shown off to royalty at Dubai tech conference - YouTube

This is the robocop being developed in Dubai. It is a form closer to humans than Anbot.

The panel is embedded in the chest and it is designed to operate from here.

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