Deathmatch "Artificial intelligence battle by seeing game screen of FPS game" Doom "" Visual Doom AI Competition "

"Doom" is a pioneering action game of FPS and 3D games. Human players are looking at the screen image output from the PC or PS 4 and doing the operation, but "Do artificial intelligence can play Doom with visual information only?", Doom by artificial intelligence Convention "Visual Doom AI CompetitionIt is decided to hold.

Visual Doom AI Competition @ CIG 2016 | ViZDoom

In the Visual Doom AI Competition, artificial intelligence is limited to three languages ​​that can be used to operate Doom, "C ++", "Python", and "Java", and real-time screen buffering software "ViZDoom"Will be distributed. Artificial intelligence will depend on only information from ViZDoom to determine actions.

You can see how you play Doom using ViZDoom from the following movie.

ViZDoom test - visual Reinforcement Learning (health gathering supreme) - YouTube

Participants can use any technology that makes play by artificial intelligence efficient,Reinforcement learningEven if you intensify artificial intelligence with deep learning like that, it is not a rule violation.

Two games will be played at the competition, "Limited deathmatch on a known map" is limited to available rocket launchers for usable weapons and is falling on the stage Medikits and bullets are available. "2. Full deathmatch on an unknown map" Although several different weapons can be used, the type of weapon is unknown until it starts, and the type of map is not clarified Start with.

The tournament is held in two stages, the deadline for the first "Warm Up Death Match" is May 31, 2016, and the deadline for the second "Final Death Match" is August 15th. The winner of the warm-up deathmatch can win the prize of 1000 euros (about 12,2800 yen) for the first place, 300 euros (about 36 thousand yen) for the second place and 200 euros (about 20,500 yen) for the third place I will win each and I will qualify for the final death match. For the winners of the final death match, prize money of 2000 euros (about 247,700 yen), 1000 euros (about 12,280 yen), 500 euros (about 61 6400 yen) is set from 1st place to 3rd place.

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