The control program of the fighter plane "F-35" developed by the US military is full of bugs and it will cost a lot of time and cost to repair

A fighter aircraft that the US military is continuing to develop mainly "F-35"It is expected that not only high combat capabilities but also sophisticated computer control equipment that can check the state of the aircraft from the ground can greatly reduce the maintenance cost. However, it is clear that computer control equipment expected to have cost saving effect is full of bugs, and bug collection work is expected to cost extraordinary expenses, labor and time.

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Does the F-35 have a 'brain' problem? -
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F - 35, the US militaryF-16Development plan for a new aircraft that replaces older fighter planes such as "Integrated battle fighter plan"It is a fighter aircraft adopted as part of Lockheed Martin, which is currently being developed and is a new fighter aircraft being developed. The highly computer-controlled F-35 is a "supercomputer to fly" to say, in development, not only pure flight performance but also computer control performance has importance.

Suppression of expanding military expenditure is an extremely important task for the US military, as well as for maintenance fees as well as development costs of fighter aircraft. Computer control technology that controls the F - 35 from the ground is applied to the F - 35 from the ground called advanced autonomic logistics information system (ALIS: autonomous information logistics system), and ALIS makes pilots formulate flight missions In addition to receiving great support at the time of checking flight performance, we can also detect and identify the point of failure, so the mechanic can tell us where we need to replace parts, so we can reduce the maintenance cost significantly There are advantages. For this reason, Lieutenant General Christopher Bogdan of the F - 35 development program expresses ALIS as "the brain and blood of the F - 35", and ALIS is an important key in the F - 35 operation plan It is positioned as technology.

However, because ALIS is a tremendously complex system, due to delayed system completionCurrent situation that the entire development plan of F-35 is largely delayedIt is said that it is in. Due to the complex system, bug repair works are difficult and the program has not been completed. Also, for analysis of software, it is necessary to transfer flight data of aircraft ranging from approximately 400 MB to 800 MB, but the F - 35 is deployed as an amphibious assault ship "Wasp(Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services) "in the ship 's in - flight IT infrastructure (Wasp)" is extremely slow, it seems that sometimes you have encountered a situation where you may face confronting scenes of actual work. In order to avoid this problem, software maintenance engineers go to land bases, download data using private Wi-Fi network, burn data to CD-R manually and then on Wasp's ship It was forced to work incompatible with the development of a highly confidential fighter that uploaded to a unitReport (PDF file)It seems to be clarified by.

Already billions of dollars (hundreds of billions of yen) is spent on ALIS, which is delayed in development due to repeated program modification. This expenditure has been contributed by justification that F - 35 can be expected to reduce tremendous cost of 1 trillion dollars (about 100 trillion yen) by operating for a long period of 50 years. But,GAO points out the problem of not fully considering the uncertainty in terms of technical aspects and development cost in the development plan of F-35We estimate that additional costs of 20 billion dollars (about 2 trillion yen) to 100 billion dollars (about 10 trillion yen) are required for ALIS development.

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