If you search by your email address or ID name you will be hacked to see if it was in the past runoff list "Have I been pwned?"

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AdobeAnd affair / affair siteAshley Madison (Ashley Madison)There are cases where personal information leaks frequently, such as a major Web site such as being attacked by hackers. In the case of personal information leakage incidents that occurred in the past, it was possible to search whether your email address or user name was included, and if you leaked in the future "Have I been pwned?"Is published by Microsoft's MVP employees.

Have I been pwned? Check if your email has been compromised in a data breach

So, the list of sites that have publicly leaked information is as follows. The top number of spills is Adobe, which leaked more than 150 million account information in 2013, personal information for 37 million people leaked out in 2015Ashley · Madison, an affair / affair site of "Let's do the affair once in a lifetime", The name of well-known sites such as Forbes of Yahoo!, Gmail, Vodafone, Sony, etc., news media which leaked account information of 1 million users by being attacked by an attacker in 2014 are lined up.

Have I been pwned? It was Microsoft's regional manager, as a security developerMVPI have also been awardedTroy HuntMr. It seems that we created a web service so that everyone can check the risk of their own account for free and easy.

Have I been pwned in FAQ? What kind of data is stored? And so on are explained. Information that a hacker got illegally got through vulnerabilities in software is called "bleach", but Have I been pwned? It is said that all the data in "Bleach" information which was publicly flowing from the website. The information on the site is only the user name and e-mail address, and the password etc. are not saved.

So I will check if my email address has leaked. How to use,Top pageJust type in the email address in the text box at the bottom and click "pwned?" OK.

It seems that there was no spill for the e-mail address I looked up, and it was displayed as "no pwnage found!".

In the above search,PastebinIt is also checking whether the e-mail address is pasted in a web service that can save and publish text data like. However, even if the result that "your own e-mail address is pasted" is displayed, it can not be said that personal information is open to the public as a result of bleach, so you can think carefully and delete your account or change your password Should be done. Paste is often temporary, it seems that it may be displayed for only about 40 seconds.

However, it can not be said that the mail address has never been bleached in the past even if the mail address is not searched. Have I been pwned? Although it possesses as much data as possible, it is because there is a possibility that it may not be included for those whose outflow size was small.

For you, I will let you know when the e-mail address leaks outNotification functionIt is also possible to register.

It is also possible to search for specific domains. However, proof that it is the owner of the domain is required, sending mail to the mail registered to whois · setting meta tag inside the page · uploading the specified file to the root · setting the text record of the domain If you prove that you have administrative privileges by choosing one of them, you will be able to confirm.

There are check tools for people who use API in Android application, Windows application etc etc.

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