It turned out that personal information for 93.4 million people could be browsed on Amazon cloud service


Amazon's cloud service "Amazon Web Services(AWS) ", Mexican voter data 93.4 million people have been uploaded, and it turned out that everyone can access personal information such as name, address, date of birth, identity registration number.

»Personal info of 93.4 million Mexicans exposed on Amazon (UPDATED)

The data leaked this time,MacKeeper SecurityThings discovered by Mr. Chris Vickery, researcher. The data was named "padron 2015" and the capacity was 132 GB, which means that the voter registration information totaling 93.42 47 0 10 was included. Mr. Vickery uploaded the captured image of the spill data to MacKeeper's blog and the data contained personal name, address, date of birth, parent's last name, occupation, voting code, It seems that certification pictures and financial institution information are not included.

It is thought that the data leaked out is not a problem on the Amazon side, but because the uploaded data was not protected by anything like password. Regarding why the Mexican voter registration information was uploaded to Amazon's cloud server in the US and the reason why data including personal information was not handled properly in Mexico is currently available at Mexican Election Institute Nacional Electoral (INE) and others are investigating.

Also, I do not know who owned the leaked data or who uploaded the data to AWS, but the original data is seen as created by INE, and the nine political parties in Mexico He said he had a copy of the data.

Mr. Vickery warned the INE, the State Department, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Homeland Security, the Information Security Organization, and the state institutions such as the Mexican Embassy immediately after noticing the data leak, but a valid answer is obtained I was not able to do. So contacting the research team at Harvard University found that Mexican students who were enrolled included voter registration information of their father and confirmed that the leaked data is genuine . Thereafter, Mr. Vickery contacted Mr. INIC, and it is said that the data of voter registration information is safely protected now.

According to the announcement of INE, as of February 2015, the voter registration information in Mexico was 81 million people, and the data that flowed out was duplicated. Personal information that actually leaked is from 81 million to 87 million peopleGuessIt is being done.

The state of INE's interview can be seen from the following.

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