What is a new theory to elucidate the mysterious principle and the mysterious principle, "EM Drive," a common sense breakthrough propelling spacecraft semi-permanently without fuel?

It does not need fuel for propulsion like the conventional rocket, it is based on electricity generated by solar light etc.MicrowavePropulsion device that obtains thrust with "EM drive"Is attracting attention as a technology that dramatically evolves future space development. Although there are many unknown parts about its principle, it is EM drive that has been regarded as a mystery enough to overturn the common sense of physics, but finally after 20 years since the announcement in 2016 it finally found a clue to elucidate There is a situation where research that is going to accelerate for practical application is likely to accelerate.

The Curious Link Between the Fly-By Anomaly and the "Impossible" EmDrive Thruster

Research on techniques to bring human race to Mars farther than the moon and further into the outer space is underway, but fuel issues are one of the biggest challenges. There are a lot of problems that must be cleared, such as how to secure it and how to launch it from the ground, since extremely large amount of fuel is required to fly fast enough to the far universe It is said.

A propulsion device that has the possibility to solve such a problem is "EM Drive" announced in 2001, invented by Roger Shawyer, a British aerospace engineer. This device reflects microwaves in a sealed conical coneOnlyIt has the characteristic that it can obtain propulsive power and has the possibility of becoming an engine (propulsion device) having a completely different mechanism from the rocket engine which obtains thrust by the reaction which injected the propellant as in the past .

However, among the researchers about the principle divided among pros and cons, it is said that active discussion has been done. The point that has been regarded as the biggest mystery of EM drive is "Why is propulsive force born?" Why is energy that gives acceleration to objects without losing themselves by simply reflecting the microwaves in sealed containers without injecting the propellant to the outside like presently mainstream rocket engines? There was never a satisfactory explanation until now, including the inventor Shawyer.

The biggest issue is that,Law of conservation of momentumHow to explain the phenomenon ignoring the point. It is said that iron law is derived from the law of conservation of momentum that it is necessary to give some energy from the outside in order to apply acceleration to an object, but EM drive is a Because it is a mechanism that only reflects microwaves in it, it can not receive energy from reaction. Therefore, among scientists, a critical voice saying "It is like standing in a box and pushing one wall" was also raised, and there were those who caught it as inchi.

However, no matter what the objections were, there was the fact that EM drive actually produced thrust. In 2012, the Chinese research team succeeded in getting thrust with the EM drive, and in 2014 American researchers created their own EM drives and urged NASA to conduct actual tests etc. , Verification using actual equipment has been carried out all over the world. There was also a view that thrust was born by convection of heat generated by microwave in part, but when NASA conducted the experiment in vacuum equipment, it was confirmed that thrust was generated, so this theory I have been denied.

On the site of Satellite Propulsion Research which announced the EM drive, the appearance of the actual test is released, and it can check with the movie.

Emdrive - Development - Dynamic Tests

Although the movie file is placed on the site as it is, it is also possible to see the movie that another user uploaded to YouTube from the following.

EmDrive - YouTube

Also, if you search "YouTube" as "EM Drive", you can also find a movie that seems to be experimenting by making your own EM drive. As the following, the state of the hero who actually observed the occurrence of thrust was also successful.

EmDrive Test No.03 Success, I have thrust !!! - YouTube

The principle of EM drive was a mystery, but from the study of Mike McCulloch of Plymouth University in England, findings close to the answer that finally reveals that secret have been found. McCulloch's theory is based on a new theory concerning "inertia" that may bring astonishing predictions about the mechanism when objects move at very small accelerations.

For objects that exist in this world, moving things keep moving, and those that are standing try to keep stoppingLaw of inertiaIt is working. However, no satisfactory explanation was given as to why this inertia works.

McCulloch said that this inertiaUndo effectIt is advocated the theory that it is brought by. Unprou effect means that the object to be acceleratedBlackbody radiationIn another word, in other words "When you move, it means that the universe is heated".

Mr. McCulloch advocates the theory that inertia occurs when radiation caused by the undulating effect exerts pressure on the object. It is said that this phenomenon is very difficult to observe on the earth, but in the outer space which is hardly affected by gravity, an interesting phenomenon appears as the wavelength of the undulating radiation becomes longer.

One phenomenon linking the undul effect and inertia is a phenomenon in which when the satellite or the like passes near a celestial body (fly-by), during the "swing-by" in which acceleration and orbit change is performed by using attraction, theoretical value and actual result An error occurs in "Fly by anomaly(Fly-by error) "phenomenon. There are various theories about why fly by anomalies occur, but McCulloch argues that the inertia of an object is affected by the undulating effect, causing errors in the orbit.

And it is thought that it is the effect of this undulating effect that gives thrust to the EM drive. If the photon has an inertial mass, it will generate an inertial force when reflecting on something. That is, in the case of the EM drive, the microwave has inertial mass, and by performing reflection in the conical cone, inertial force is generated, resulting in thrust in one direction. Mr. McCulloch has verified this theory in actual experiments and confirmed that the result is almost accurate.

Until now, there was a large gap between the actual phenomenon of EM drive and the theory supporting it. Although Mr. McCulloch's theory is expected to connect this, the prerequisite of the two points "the inertial mass exists in the photon" and "the speed of the light changes due to the change in the wavelength" is contemporary Because it is incompatible with common sense of physics, it is the situation that it has not reached a definitive theory at the present time.

Although it can be said that it is premature to make McCulloch's theory "decision-making", in spite of the fact that EM drive actually generates thrust, it replaces McCulloch's theory In terms of the fact that things do not exist, the mechanism of thrust generation by the undulating effect may be a powerful way of thinking.

Details of EM drive are also described in detail on Satellite Propulsion Research's website.

Emdrive - Home

Since papers on EM drive are also made public on the site, it seems that people interested should see it through the eyes.

A Theory of Microwave Propulsion for Spacecraft - theorypaper 9-4.pdf

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NASA has confirmed that NASA confirmed that the propulsion device "EM Drive" which is unknown principle unknown commonly operates in fact - GIGAZINE

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