Game that you can get a beautiful girl by writing PHP / Ruby code "Code Girl Kokuson"

A different color programming game that you can advance the game by writing simple code and clearing the subject is "Code girl This girl"is. Just playing the game, if you notice, it is becoming a game that can be transformed into a super programmer, so I actually played and tried to get a beautiful girl.

Code Girl こ こ く ょ ん | Write your code and collect beautiful girls! Learn programming with game feeling!

To start the game Click the above URL and click "Registration free GAME START".

Please enter your e-mail address · nickname · password and click on "agree to terms and register (free)" after reading paiza terms of service.

Since e-mail arrives from Code Girl to this mail address, click the URL (red frame part) of the book registration completion page.

Then enter the e-mail address and password you registered earlier and click "Login".


Then the game started. "... you can hear me ... can you hear me ... now the game begins from a very sparse line of words, your ... your mind ... direct ...... calling ......"

If you notice it, the hero who got lost in the Denny world.

A mysterious woman in front of you is named "Lilia" and will serve as a navigator of the game.

The hero loses his memory ... ...

When collecting beautiful girls called "code girls", they seem to be able to regain memories lost.

So, for the time being, the goal of the hero is to collect code girls together with Lilia to regain memory.

It seems that code girls have different abilities, and for the time being, Lilia gives me one thing that I like.

Choose whatever you like from the three code girls ......

Click "OK".

Then I came to my page which is the basic screen of the game.

Lilia will tell you how to advance the game at first.

Click "Search" button.

Next, select the game. You can select "PHP" and "Ruby", and the programming problem of the selected one will be presented. Even if you select either game, the story will not change. So click on "PHP" in the tutorial.

Next select the stage. Every time you clear the stage you will see new ones.

Click "another world" of STAGE 1.

There are multiple quests in the stage, but the next quest will not appear unless you clear it.

So click on the first quest "Hajime no Ippo".

This is the quest screen. In this case, the player writes his own code according to the problem.

The question sentence is displayed in the red frame.

Lilia writes the answer instead in the tutorial ... ...

Click "I made it!"

If you answer the question correctly, I will proceed to the next quest.

In Quest, if you miss 4 times, Energy disappears and Quest fails.

This concludes the tutorial.

Get items that can be used during the game to celebrate the end of the tutorial. Click "Receive" to get items.

That's why all the tutorials are over and you will receive a login bonus. Click "close" at the bottom right of the screen ... ...

I returned to my page.

So, get the code girl using the item you got immediately. Click "Gacha".

Gacha has "Diamond Gacha" and "Coin Gacha", and "Diamond Gacha" gives you a more rare chord girl. So click on Diamondback.

Click "Turn gacha".

I got the code girl I got.

Next, click "this game".

Then, the explanation of this is starting.

The code girl who gets it is displayed in this game.

A code girl (Primary girl) that will come about to explore will show a pink border.

You can also set the code girl to display in "Best Gokususho" at the bottom of My Page.

If you want to display the code girl best, click on Code Girl and click "Install Bestest Gokusan" OK.

After that, deciding the installation position ... ...

It will be displayed on the vest of my page altogether.

You can also change the primary girl and sell the code girl from this screen.

So after we finish explaining Kosyon, I will change the primary girl and install the best girls. First of all, click on Code Girl called "Cleopatra" which I got earlier.

Then it becomes the code girl's detailed screen, click "set as primary girl" here.

Then, the code girl displayed on the left of My page has changed to Cleopatra.

Next, click "Mukurokawa Tsubame" from "こ く く ょ ん".

Click "Install to the best vocabulary".

Click "Place".

Then, the code girl is now displayed at the bottom of My Page.

You can check details at any time by clicking on these code girls.

Then click "Menu". There are "ranking", "announcement" "FAQ" "setting change" "logout" in the menu.

"Ranking" is the number of stars collected in the game and the top players are displayed.

Notification from management is displayed on "Notice".


"Change setting" can change nickname and change title.

That's why I'm searching. After clicking "Search", choose either PHP or Ruby. This time I will challenge programming with PHP.

Select the stage ......

Select quest.

Clicking "Game Start" will ask you for programming problems.

If you can correctly answer the problem displayed in the red frame part ...

Quest clear. Each quest can get a star by clearing it within the specified time. If you collect a lot of these stars, your name will appear on the ranking screen.

The programming problem is initially simple, such as "If you run the code below, you get an error, please fix the mistake" and the difficulty level of the problem will rise each time you overlap the stage.

You can get the title by clearing multiple quests.

Also, as you clear the quest, you will see a button labeled "Look at the story" in the place where "Go to next quest" was displayed. Click on this.

Then Lilia came out and cleared the stage. It is OK if you progress the story gradually while solving programming problems like this.

Furthermore, when you clear the stage, a new stage will emerge.

In case that the programming problem of the new stage is difficult and can not be understood, when clicking "movie learning" next to the stage ... ...

You can watch programming learning videos according to stage contents.

In addition, as I tried playing gacha with the coins & diamonds accumulated by clearing the stage, I got the same girl as early as the fifth chord girl, so at the moment the type of chord girl is so much Maybe not many.

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