The possibility that Mac 'OS X' will be renamed 'MacOS'

Apple's operating system is unified with the naming convention of "iOS" for iPhone and iPad, "watch OS" for Apple Watch, "tvOS" for Apple TV and "lower case + OS" except that the Macintosh's "OS X" And OS X only comes out of the rule. However, it turned out that the word "MacOS" was used on the Apple website, and it seems that OS X will be renamed to MacOS in the next version.

Apple hints at future 'MacOS' name change on new environmental webpage | 9to5Mac

Apple Refers to OS X as 'MacOS' in Environmental Webpage Update - Mac Rumors

According to the Apple information news site 9to5Mac,FAQ page on Apple explaining environmental considerationsThere was a place to describe OS X as "MacOS" in the answer of.

Although the contents are modified later, on the FAQ page, it seems as follows "It is thought that the first years owner's use years are four years for MacOS and tvOS devices, and three years for iOS and watchOS devices "It was written.

As a result of checking, the part which was "MacOS" at the time of article creation was modified to "OS X".

The word "MacOS" appeared in the text is presumed to be because Apple employees who wrote sentences used the word "MacOS" on a daily basis, but write "macOS" alongside iOS · watchOS · tvOS etc. Not interesting that it was interesting that the initial letters were written in uppercase "MacOS", 9 to 5 Mac.

Also, it is reported that on March 29, 2016 local time the word "MacOS" was used in the library of OS X 10.11.4. However, the following file "FUFlightViewController_macOS.nib" already existed in August 2015 which is one month before OS X El Capitan is announced.

Código do 10.11.4 sugere que a Apple mudará mesmo o nome do sistema de "OS X" para "macOS" -

As for whether Apple renames OS X to MacOS, although it is not clear at the time of article creation, it is highly likely that 9 to 5 Mac says. It will be held in June 2016WWDC 2016It seems that a new version of the OS will be announced, in which the renaming is likely to be announced.

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