Statistically analyze the color of the underwear worn by MIT students


There is no way to know what color underwear a college student is wearing and what color underwear is popular. However, MIT girls gather data from "self-declaration" and statistically investigate and present the color of underwear worn by MIT students.

An MIT Underwear Exposé (and Sorting Hat) | MIT Admissions

At MIT, there is a mailing list for each student dormitory, and it is used as a communication tool between students who are now at the height of SNS. This mailing list seems to be possible for students living in the same dormitory as well as MIT students who do not live in other dormitories or dormitories. Although it is a mailing list of MIT that has been loved since long ago, in 2009 a student wants to see the contents of the mail "This mail has the color of the underwear I am currently on" is written, really There is an event that I wrote the color of my self-reported underwear, and since that time, it seems that the custom that the student could write the color of the underwear that is currently in it.

Using this unique convention to make statistics data on the color of MIT student underwear goes to MITLydia. Mr. Lydia is the birthplace of self self-assessment e-mail of underwear colorBurton ConnerIt is said that she lives in a girls' dormitory, one day, I saved all the mail data that I received to myself on my PC and gathered the color of my self-reported underwear as data.

Of course, because the color of the underwear is self-reported, it is not certain whether the person who sent the mail really wore the color underwear, but the color of underwear worn by MIT students under self-reporting rule When it is classified by a pie chart, it seems to be as follows.

Baker,MacGregon,MaseehThe popular underwear of MIT college student living in each student dormitory is like this. The color of each dormitory appears with the feeling that Baker with many black underwears, MacGregon with blue underwear mainstream, Maseeh with white dominance.

The color of underwear by other student dormitory is like this.McCormickThere seems to be a student wearing underwear with Pikachu prints.

Animal pattern underwear seems to have certain support.

ET somehow yellow one color. There seems to be a student with nude (without underwear) in PBP.

Looking like this for men and women. For MIT students, blue and black seem to be popular.

This is a graph showing colors by day of the week.

Graphs by grade. It seems that the blue color becomes popular as the grade gradually increases, while the popularity of the purple tends to decrease as the first grader, the second grader, the third grader, the fourth grader.

In the graph by major, there are students who like animal patterns in Biological Engineering major.

Other major graphs look like this.

Graphs of electronic engineering and computer science students are finely segmented. Apparently he seems to wear unique underwear different from others.

The number of mothers per student dormitory ......

Popular color student dormitory ratio data are also published.

Although it is statistical information on self-reported underwear color which I do not know well whether it is useful or not, Lydia,Bayes' theoremUsing the "When the underwear color is purple, you probably are 20.67% probably living in Simmons" and seems to enjoy the statistics itself. By the way, because of the honor and privacy of MIT students, we do not disclose about the year when collecting e-mails used for statistics.

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