Sarabeth "PBJ French toast" tasting review of American classic lunch / peanut butter sand with French toast

Salabeth of "The Queen of Breakfast in New York", a standard lunch of American home cooking "Peanut butter & jelly sandwich"French toast that imaged"PBJ French toastWe have started offering. I tried to eat with Sarabeth to taste the feeling of the American by having made sandwiches painted with peanut butter and jam with French toast.

Limited time menu "PBJ French toast" | Sarabeth's "New York Queen of breakfast" - Salabeth

Arrived at the Sarabess Osaka store.

There was a new menu sign at the shop front.

I ordered "PBJ French toast" (1450 yen including tax) immediately. It was delivered in about 15 minutes. Photos and real things of posters and websites are nearly the same as they are amazing.

Four cuts are included in French toast, and slices of banana are also served.

From the side you can see that it is a French toast with thick French bread. There is a notch in the middle, a French toast sandwich with peanut butter in between.

Raspberries and blueberries are also included.

The crimson sauce as well as ketchup was raspberry sauce that was "Jelly" (Jam) of "Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich".

When cut, peeled peanut butter overflows from the middle.

If you eat it as it is, in addition to fluffy French toast thoroughly attached to the egg solution, the flavor of thick peanut butter spreads. Commercially available peanut butter is hard and hard to eat, but because it is wrapped in a warm French toast, you can taste smooth and peaceful peanut butter.

When you eat bananas and berries together you will find a freshly different flavor.

Raspberry sauce is sour and strong, it is fruity and it prevails over the flavor of peanut butter. It will get tired a bit when French toast of rich peanut butter continues, but you can change the atmosphere with sauces and fruits and enjoy a variety of tastes to the end.

The peanut butter also contains coarse ground peanuts, and you can also feel a stiff cloth.

There is only a picture of a peanut butter sandwich popular among adults and children in the United States, and the volume is enough. It is a limited-time menu, but because the end date is undecided, it is a dish that one who likes peanut butter should try before it is gone.

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