"Thermos vacuum insulated food container" that keeps warmth of hokoka until packing lunch in the morning and eating at noon

In order to solve the problem of "It gets cool and cold at the time of packing your lunch, even if you pack it, you can keep the warmth in time with the stainless steel warbabe structure and you can eat rice wrapped in fajoka on the go"Vacuum insulation hood containerI decided to use it.

Vacuum insulation hood container / JBM-500 | Pioneer of Thermos magic bottle

Vacuum insulation hood container has two colors, green and black, this time purchase green.

Inside the box are the hood container body, instruction manual, recipe.

The size is 10 cm in diameter × 13.5 cm in height, the weight is about 0.3 kg. It fits snugly into one hand.

Two-piece sealing structure of lid and inner lid.

The body is made of stainless steel, with a vacuum insulation layer between the inside and the outside, and it has high heat retention and cold storage capability.

Capacity is 0.5 L, Ingredients can be put in about 1 cm below the bulge (water stop).

The blue benp attached to the inner lid is detachable when washing the container.

Before use, pour boiling water or cold water to preheat and pre-cool for about 1 minute in order to raise the heat retention and cold conservation power of the main body.

First of all, I tried making shark's fin soup to check the heat retention capacity of the food container.

Food container and soup stock TokyoSoup exclusive wrappingPour hot shark fin soup into each of them, and test the heat retention ability.

"The thermometer for smartphonesFLIR ONE"When measuring the temperature, immediately after pouring shark's fin soup is about 60 degrees both.

Fit the inner cover of the food container ... ...

Turn the outer lid clockwise to close it.

After leaving it for 3 hours at room temperature, when opening the lid, both are steamy enough to steam.

When measured with FLIR ONE, the temperature of the food container lowered by about 5 degrees to 54.2 degrees.

On the other hand, the soup Stock Tokyo public wagon is 46.3 degrees, three hours later, it has dropped about 15 degrees and you can see the high temperature keeping capacity of the food container.

When eating it actually, the soup which was put in the food container keeps the freshness warmed even after 3 hours passed.

On the other hand, the soup put in the soup stock Tokyo public warmer was getting somewhat tepid. If you use a food container you can eat soup of warmth at the time you eat at noon

Then take advantage of the heat retention capacity of the food container, challenge the recipe to shorten the cooking time and perform the residual heat cooking. Pumpkin, eringi, sausage, stir-fried onion paste into a pot, pour water and boil.

Boil and simmer for 3 minutes, then add curry roux and petit tomato and simmer for about 3 more minutes until thickening. In other words, the stewing time is only 6 minutes in total.

Put curry in a container that has been kept warm with hot water beforehand. It is also a nice point to pour ingredients easily in a wide mouth.

Close the lid and leave it for 3 hours as it is.

Three hours later, the curry of the foxhoka is completed.

When measuring the temperature with FLIR ONE, it is 61.4 degrees and it is understood that warmth is not lost even if time passes like soup.

Even if the cooking time is short, if you put it in a food container, the ingredients will slowly taste on the ingredients due to the residual heat, so you can make delicious lunch even in the morning without time.

Pumpkin is easy ingredients that are easy to collapse, but it is difficult for the shape to collapse due to cooking heat, and the taste of curry is also firmly attached and it is good.

Finally, in order to check the refrigerating capacity of the food container, cool the main body with ice water ......

I put in somen and ice. For comparison, put somen in an ordinary container and leave at room temperature for 3 hours.

The temperature just after putting somen is around 4 degrees.

Three hours later, ice remains in the food container, but the ice has melted in the vessel.

When measuring the temperature of the food container, it is colder than 2.9 degrees just after putting soumins.

The vessel left at room temperature had risen to 18.4 degrees.

If you carry the soup in a separate container, you can enjoy cold soap even on the go, so it looks good for lunch in the summer.

In addition, Thermos vacuum insulation hood container is sold at Amazon 2840 yen including tax.

Amazon.co.jp: Thermos vacuum insulation hood container 0.5L green JBM-500 G: Home & kitchen

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