Looking at the state of jetting by the flamethrower from the front straight in the slow motion, the power

Everybody should have seen the huge flames ejected by the flamethrower once in television, movies, etc. Actually, the flame is not blowing out from the injection port, but it is emitted in the air as a flame by igniting the liquid fuel pushed out by the compressed gas, but the state of injecting the flame with the flamethrower From the side and from the front, the image captured by the super slow motion camera shows the state that the liquid fuel changes into a flame, as well as being overwhelmingly impressive.

50 ft Flamethrower in 4 K Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys - YouTube

It is an ultra slow motion camera that can shoot at frame rates of 27000 fps,Taser gun pierces skinYaCondoms ChallengeThe Slow Mo Guys, which creates all kinds of slow motion movies, has appeared. Mr. Daniel who is in charge of the shooting model every time and is having troublesome something is fully defended by goggles on the eyed cap.

The flamethrower used in this shooting is called "backpack formula" which carries a tank of liquid fuel on the back. First, pour liquid fuel into the tank.

Subsequently, compressed gas for injecting liquid fuel from the cylinder is set.

That's why we are ready. Daniel shouting, "It's messed up!", Holding a hose extending from the tank on his back ... ...

Jet flames gigantically. In normal shooting, flame was instantly rising from the injection port at the same time as pushing things like switches.

Looking from behind, you can see that it is injecting a massive flame of lump with this kind of feeling. This flamethrower is a model with a radiated distance of 50 feet (about 15 meters).

Switch to the image shot with the slow motion camera from here, you can reconfirm carefully from the beginning. First of all, a whitish liquid is sprayed with a small flame ......

The protruding flame will become bigger. The moment that the liquid fuel is flying ahead of the flame was unable to be confirmed with the naked eye.

The liquid fuel gradually gets ignited and the flame gradually becomes huge.

Looking at it like this.

From the liquid fuels that first jumped out, a swirl of flames that can not be imagined is formed.

When you zoom, it makes the surface of the sun dense.

Even during flame radiation it does not seem to be igniting near the injection port.

When flame radiation was stopped, a hot flame was emitted into the air, causing a burning rash.

We also installed a slow motion camera on the front to shoot. A small flame is fired while swirling ... ...

Instantly changed to a bigger fireball than the human size.

Ultimately it has grown to a size large enough to encompass human beings and it seemed to be able to pursue what happens when it is actually attacked by flame radiation when viewed from the front in slow motion.

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