Drone + helicopter's aircraft "Volocopter VC 200" to enable manned flight succeeded for the first flight

Achieving an aircraft that combines helicopter and drone from 2010 "Volocopter VC 200"Has been developed. Volocopter VC 200, equipped with 18 rotating blades, has achieved lift enough to fly with people, finally fulfilling manned flight after 6 years of age.

World premier: Volocopter is flying manned! - A step forward in urban mobility

The state of manned flight can be seen from the following movie.

Dawn of a revolution in urban mobility - first manned flight with the Volocopter VC 200 - YouTube

Rattles ... ... and the door of the warehouse will open.

Volocopter VC 200 appears from the warehouse.

Volocopter VC 200 is behind the pilot Alexander Zosel. It was in 2010 that the idea of ​​Volocopter VC 200 was born, and in 2011 it was running a demonstrator model.

The demonstrator model is like this.

And in 2013 the state of the unmanned flight of Volocopter VC 200 was released. Volocopter VC 200 is capable of manned flight, but it also supports unmanned flight using a controller.

We will move Volocopter VC 200 with several people.

It seems that it took three years to get the flight permission in Germany.

And, on March 30, 2016, the manned flight test will be done for the first time.

Alexander Zosel to board the plane.

It is like this when a person gets in. It's designed to allow two people to ride, so there is room in the space.

Push the button and prepare. Preparation for takeoff is completed in tens of seconds.

And ...

Take off slowly.

Mr. Zosel who operates with joystick.

I will jump up above the sky.

Looking from the bottom like this.

When the flight stabilizes ......

It seems to be okay if you take your hand off the joystick. Volocopter VC 200 is designed to reduce helicopter accidents due to human error, so it is easy to operate. Therefore, it seems that pilots can be trained at low cost.

Volocopter VC 200 showing stable flight at 20 to 25 meters above the ground. Speed ​​can be raised up to 100 km / h.

The operation looks very easy.

Mr. Zosel who makes a thumb to "Yeah."

I finished the flight and took off at the Guts pose.

Hug with my colleagues.

About flight at the Volocopter VC 200 Mr. Zosel says "It was a wonderful flight." Preparation for takeoff after getting in the aircraft ended in about 20 seconds, and it seems that the moment of takeoff became magnificent.

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