What is "offshore company" that holds the key to the Panama document?

Panama documentIn an easy-to-understand movie that explains exactly what "offshore companies" appear frequently in "Offshore corporations - The secret shell game"is.

Offshore corporations - The secret shell game | McClatchy DC

Offshore companies have the purpose of "building anonymity."

A company made abroad that does not fall under the law of your country is called "offshore company", but offshore companies are also used as hiding places to keep illegal acts secretly by hiding the existence of body companies and organizations I will.

For example, offshore companies are used as a means to conceal illegally obtained cash or to legally use money.

Offshore companies are RussianMatryoshkaCan be compared to.

To hide corporate entities ......

Establish another company.

Furthermore, it makes a new enterprise to hide the company ... ... and so on, it hides the corporate entity many times.

At first glance, the essence of a company or organization is cleverly hidden so that you do not know what kind of business you actually do business.

The question "Whose money is the offshore company's secret hidden money?" Always comes up, but it is very difficult to know the answer.

The location of the offshore company is not the place where the company actually conducts business, but the location of the Seychelles, Samoa, the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America and WyomingTax HavenIt is located in the area called.

If you examine it in detail, you can know the name of the business owner of an offshore company that hides money, but it is hard to tell what has actually made money.

As an example of an offshore company, for example, a law firm in Panama ... ....

I will make a company named "HIDE - MONEY LIMITED".

HIDE - MONEY LIMITED company has employees such as president, secretary, accounting manager.

These employees are called "NOMINEE DIRECTORS (nominees)".

The managing director is hired by the owner of the big money and acts as the employer does.

For example, we manage bank accounts, purchase real estate, etc. on behalf of you.

HIDE - MONEY LIMITED has another company called "DOUBLE TROUBLE LIMITED" which has its location on the back side of the earth.

DOUBLE TROUBLE LIMITED company has another company called GOTCHA ENTERPRISES under its umbrella.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are traded between HIDE - MONEY LIMITED, DOUBLE TROUBLE LIMITED and GOTCHA ENTERPRISS, and trading is done away from the true owner of the money.

Sometimes we use offshore companies to hide their identities so that big companies can not afford to buy lots of money in real estate agents when they purchase land.

The Panama document reveals that state dictators, politicians, financial officials, and other tax evaders used offshore companies to hide the big money.

Tax offices and law enforcement agencies have missed taxes that were supposed to be levied originally, and in future it seems that it will lead to a movement to strictly enforce tax collection.

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