Each unit that produces superbly "mixed reality" is split apart by separating Microsoft's AR headset "HoloLens" apart

Oculus Rift,HTC ViveAs leading VR headsets are appearing, Microsoft selected AR (augmented reality) technology instead of VR (virtual reality), and AR headset "HoloLensIt is under development. While noting that "not completely immersed in the VR world but AR that can add various information to the real world is the favorite of a headset type information terminal" is also pointed out, HoloLens which has put out overwhelming demonstrations one after another About disassembling into disgusting pieces and arranging the partsThe VergeIt shoots and it is released in the movie.

Microsoft HoloLens teardown - YouTube

This is a parts list that broke down "Development Edition" for HoloLens developers apart.

It is sold for $ 3,000 (about 330,000 yen) for developers of games and applications for HoloLens.

The biggest feature of HoloLens is the visor part that produces augmented reality (AR) information by hologram which Microsoft calls "mixed reality (MR: mixed reality)".

A see-through type display is carried.

A "brain" unit that contains a CPU that creates a hologram by a black part above the visor that creates the hologram.

The hologram is displayed as if it floats in the air in front of you, you can operate with your fingers.

The top of the headset is full of sensors. A camera unit is mounted on the front.

A depth camera for measuring depth (distance) in the center upper part.

We also have a camera on the side to grasp the surrounding space.

HoloLens is a very small PC that functions independently without connecting to external equipment such as PC or game machine. This type of motherboard.

Various connectors can be confirmed.

On a tiny board, CPU, GPU, memory, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth module and Microsoft special holographic chip etc are stuffed up.

This small part is a speaker unit.

Speakers are mounted on the left and right.

Orange parts visible on the ear are speaker units.

A battery that drives a very small but powerful PC is mounted on the side of the headset.

Driving CPUs and cameras with small batteries is similar to mobile terminals such as smartphones.

It is like this when arranging a set of parts. By assembling these parts, the world of MR (mixed reality) is created.

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