Beef patty "Giga Big Mac" with volume exceeding 2.8 times Big Mac, Grand size larger than 1.3 times "Grand Big Mac" Taste Review

Big Mac evolved further to big, Beef Patty was over 1.3 times bigger than "Big Mac"Grand Big MacMcDonald 's will be available from Wednesday, April 6, 2016. In addition, the beef patties of ordinary Big Mac are limited by quantity and become 2.8 times bigger than "Giga Big MacBecause it is said that it is also offered, so I actually went to the shop to see how big it is.

Weigh 1.3 times the "Big Mac"! Satisfaction Grand Level with special beef and buns! "Grand Big Mac" Japan's First MacDonald's History - Giga Burger "Giga Big Mac"

Arrived at McDonald's.

Grand Big Mac was developed as a result of the yokozuna / Shirokonoseki's "If you have more beef" as a word, it was developed as a trigger, so the picture of Grand Big Mac and Shirokozeki was listed at the shop.

When entering a shop and ordering ......

The item arrived after a while.

This time I bought not only Grand Big Mac and Giga Big Mac but also ordinary hamburger and regular Big Mac for comparison.

Hamburger from the left, Big Mac, Grand Big Mac, Giga Big Mac. When side by side it seems that I am watching the growth record of some hamburgers.

Looking at it from above, you can see that Big Mac and Grand Big Mac differ from normal Big Macs in diameter as well as height.

Comparing hamburger and iPhone SE, it is like this. It is Pecha-ko.

The state seen from above.

On the other hand, comparing iPhone SE with Grand Big Mac, Giga Big Mac, you can see that there is considerable three-dimensional feeling. Big Mac and Giga Big Mac do not change so much in diameter, but Giga Big Mac has a height.

This is what I saw from the top.

Comparing hamburger and giga big mac, this way.

The difference in size is obvious even compared with normal Big Mac.

The big difference between Grand Big Mac and Giga Big Mac is the amount of beef patty. When I tried out the guns of the giga big Mack 's buns, two huge patties were used between the buns and the buns, a total of four pieces were used.

It is the amount of overflowing patty.

On the other hand, Grand Big Mac used 2 patties in total.

Having a normal Big Mac in hand, it felt good to fit ... ...

Giga Big Mac is this size.

When I tried it, I feel the presence of overwhelming beef patty. Anyway meat, meat and meat waves are coming in, but overall the source is a little less, meat is also refreshing type so it is easy to eat with a reasonable price. However, even though it is crispy, it is quite voluminous and taste is diluted, so it may be difficult for men to eat whole in one man, but because meatiness is overwhelming, McDonald's beef patty People who like it should not be boring.

Next, I will have Grand Big Mac. Grand Big Mac is also relatively easy to eat, so it's easy to eat, there is a monotony of a little taste, but because there is less volume than Gigabic Mac, if you are a person who can "eat 2 Big Macs" I could eat it. The overall seasoning is the same as regular Big Mac, so it was a dish of Big Mac Rubber.

In addition, Grand Big Mac says that potatoes and drinks can also be made into a huge "Grand Set", so order.

When drink S size and side by side, drink S size seems to be a baby. When I got male to eat the Grand Set, it was an impression that "I am likely to be tough if I am finished."

The calorie of Grand Big Mac is 764 kcal per one, and Giga Big Mac is 1034 kcal per one. The price is a single item, Grand Big Mac is 520 yen, Giga Big Mac is 740 yen.

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