Headline news on April 6, 2016

A simple UI high function browser developed by former CEO of Opera"VivaldiThe official version of "has been released. With the main tab browser features kept down, we have features such as "Speed ​​Dial" in Opera, and it also supports Chrome's extended functions.

A new browser for friends - Vivaldi

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Innovative device "Smart Boy" to make game software of Game Boy playable on iPhone - GIGAZINE

It is crisp and juicy so I tried using Nissin "Nigui fried powder cooked type" which can be made easily without frying with fried oil - GIGAZINE

CERN's large hadron collision type accelerator is restarted for the first time in two years, and challenge is started to elucidate the mystery of dark matter - GIGAZINE

Metal cubes "Cubit" of the level to be appreciated no longer scraped out with perfect precision - GIGAZINE

What is going on in the no-entry zone of the Chernobyl nuclear accident and what might happen in Fukushima - GIGAZINE

5 specially disabled services among Google's services - GIGAZINE

A graphic representation of the missile threat posed by North Korea - GIGAZINE

Is it a cockroach that dominates the earth after the nuclear war? - GIGAZINE

"Crucial Adrenaline" review that enables to speed up the HDD without caching the SSD without reinstalling the OS - GIGAZINE

A list of the successive models of universities that transferred laptop computers free of charge to all newcomers for 20 consecutive years is like this - GIGAZINE

"Miss Prison" of a shining smile is a 19-year-old beauty murderer, serving as a prisoner for life imprisonment - GIGAZINE

The age of white bread is reaching the end, obviously the sales of black bread is increasing - GIGAZINE

How to break through a chain-locked door with one rubber band - GIGAZINE

A mysterious creature like a hairless bear discovered in China "Yeti in the Orient" - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
President Expectation seems to be angry that "Gasoline charge for 13 laps of the earth" was posted - YouTube

【Textbook】 NEW HORIZON, Moeu: to philosophy news nwk

Overseas "Pictures of English textbooks in Japan are too anime style! Content is too much love" ... 【Overseas reactions】: International responses overseas

Companies entrusting new entry to a comforting company that impersonates such company spirit wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww: philosophy news nwk

"SUZUKA CIRCUIT PARK" opened in Taiwan · Kaohsiung City May 9 - Car Watch

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Do you know it in 60 seconds? Create a mechanism of occurrence - YouTube

Science Journal: The gravity map of Mars is released, and by investigating gravity anomalies, a new fact of surprise found! Analyze data for three years of exploration satellites for 16 years

First observation of the birth site of a planet with orbits similar to the earth around young stars - Astro Arts

Mazda applies for next generation rotary engine patent - Autoblog Japan version

In this new engine, contrary to the conventional arrangement, the intake port is under the engine and the exhaust port is on the top. This makes it possible to mount the engine even lower, and the center of gravity of the car can also be lowered. This new rotary engine is supercharged by a turbocharger, but because the turbo is installed at the top of the engine, it does not interfere with the cross members of the body and the chassis.

Air-dome "BEAM" bulging in space, to launch soon to ISS | Sorae.jp: portal site to the universe (Sora)

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
This is incomprehensible ... Prime Minister Abe's gasoline fee is "Earth 13 laps" | Nikkan Gendai DIGITAL

Expense of decontamination etc Estimated over 3 trillion yen only by the current fiscal year | NHK News

Restraint of injunction in the Kawachi nuclear power plant being operated by civil society Refusing provisional disposition, rebounding on electricity bills Kyushu Electric Power and relief inside its conduit: market situation full power two stories

Suspected possession of child pornography Discovered with detection software at work place | NHK News

The Metropolitan Police Department sent a document for a 34-year-old man suspected of breaching the child pornography prohibition law as the child's pornography such as a child's obscene image was preserved in the hard disk. The incident was revealed as the company the men used was introducing software to detect child pornography.

Tokyo Newspaper: TPP Document Disclosure ... Criticism of the Movement of Black Movement Government: Politics (TOKYO Web)

"Dangerous tea field" Immediately a "cliff wall" | NNN News

[Tell me Mr. Ohmae] Why are the extreme remarks of the playing cards accepted by the American people? Kanaka Ohmae's Japanese Character: President Online

Mr. Tadashi Otoshi Mr. Tsuyoshi Otsuka Aside from the scandal's scandal circumstances, the wife's remarks made me think (Shinoda Hiroyuki) - Personal - Yahoo! News

What is a Panama document? : Japan viewed from the outside, the Japanese seen

However, while the name of government officials in 46 countries is said to be raised, there is no US name found in it somehow. In any case from here the selfish imagination will rise up, but I do not feel like this is an American retaliation against the Edward Snowden incident.

ANA, Brussels line to resume on 11th

China national newspaper, criticism of western naming of condominium 1 photo International news: AFPBB News

"In all Chinese cities, at least one of the newly constructed apartment houses is named" Rome "or" Venice ", he says literature on the paper.

The exclusive residential area which was built in the suburbs of Beijing (Beijing) is named after the city of French crafts "Grasse town", and in Shanghai there are many luxury condominiums "Golden Vienna" and "Thames Town There is also an apartment called "Chateau Edinburgh" in Beijing.

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
[Tokyo DisneySea] The trajectory to the 15th anniversary - YouTube

"Never bud well" Nara subsidy for "Nara International Film Festival", director Kawase announces at the press conference Calls for 10 million yen target by May (2 / page) - Sankei WEST

Fixed to the cage by the force of the magnet, easily released from the removable meter "Koala Bottle" - cyclist

The koala bottle is a revolutionary system that has a strong magnet in the bottle cage and can stably securely remove it by attaching a stainless steel ring to the neck portion of the bottle.

Kenichiro Mogi - On the distinction between Japanese and English ...

Pagani to unveil a mysterious new model supercar first | Response (Response.jp)

Nissan GT-R NISMO to challenge mysterious world record | Response (Response.jp)

Eleven convenient techniques to help in cycling: Cycle gadget Road bike 100 times fun blog

"Let's stop" All-you-can-eat buttons in Tenjin in Fukuoka Approximately 125 points exhibited | News on riding

Shiga University head: Neglected undergraduate, criticized the Ministry of Education - Mainichi Shimbun

Cancer survival period, unchanged trend at home Comparison with hospitalized patients: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Although I say I declare birth, but ... Tomoko Yamaguchi's "Life without Births": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Cherry blossom seeking Nippon Chinese customers, sharp increase in cherry-blossom season: Asahi Shimbun Digital

CNN.co.jp: Monster Grade Crocodile Catches Weight 350 kg Rice Florida

Minute remittance to Tokyo University freshmen in the Tokyo metropolitan area at the minimum | NHK News

As a result of the survey of the household's burden on freshmen of private universities in the metropolitan area, as a result of the union of faculty staff members, last year's freshmen received an average of 87,700 yen per month as a monthly survey It has been found that the number has become the smallest since the Showa 60th which started. The average daily cost of living is 850 yen, the lowest amount ever, and the union says "I'd like to seek enhancement of support measures such as scholarships."

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Interview with Mr. Hori Uzawa (Fuji Ryo) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Development estimate and schedule management - Cookpad developer blog

Cookpad, founder formed a labor union with request to withdraw: Nikkei Business Online

LINE: Kanto Local Finance Bureau conducts on-site inspection - Mainichi Newspaper

Some instruments (tools) used in smartphone game operated by leading free communication application major "LINE (line)" (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) pointed out that it is the "currency" on the game regulated by the fund settlement law Although it was, the company changed its specifications and found out that it had done internal processing so that it would not be regarded as regulated object. The Kanto Local Finance Bureau under the jurisdiction under which the Kanto Local Finance Bureau under the jurisdiction is not suspected of violating laws and regulations without giving necessary notice, inspects the company and makes inquiries from the executives and consults with the Financial Services Agency.

[Corporate] About our view on some press coverage | LINE Corporation | News

Therefore, even though the company pointed out that LINE POP "key of the treasure box" corresponds to "currency", the company altered specifications such as restricting the use of the item, so as to prevent arbitrary internal processing We did not report to the Treasury Department at all.

In addition, there is a statement that "At the time the unused balance was about 23 billion yen, there was a possibility that you may be asked to deposit billions of yen even if you do not use it for a long time. As for the method of asset preservation under the settlement law of the funds, it is possible not only to deposit by cash but also to hold asset preservation by concluding a maintenance contract with the bank (We currently adopt the latter method ), Even if cashing out is about tens of millions of yen, the impact of this case on the Company's financial situation is minor

7 technical books that a new engineer wants to read in a year - North-Geek

Should software engineers study after hours? ~ Message from CTO for new employees | F's Garage @ fshin 2000

How has Alpha Go beyond human beings got stronger? What did it mean to Google's artificial intelligence and one of the races of the human century? | Takumi Ohashi / Kazunari Yamamoto | cakes (キ ッ ク ス)

Just enjoying deep learning // Speaker Deck

The young man now is lying "I am not using Facebook", in fact the "distinctive use of SNS" is progressing. When I asked American female college student, I realized that I got to Facebook. | Application Marketing Institute

In order not to give money to the criminal of Ransomuuea, it is useless to just "do not pay". - Togetter Summary

DSAS Developer's Room: Network emulator made with Raspai (Part 1)

I am amazed! Popular snippet tool TextExpander shifts to monthly billing system

The latest situation of Unity × VR development as seen in Unite Tokyo 2016 - GAME Watch

CryotoSteel Ultimate Cold Wallet tolerate Fire Fire | Bit Coin & Block Chain Laboratory

Make a very simple construction, set the dial of stainless steel alphabet and record the recovery seed.

Many people write recovery seeds on paper, but it is certainly possible that the ink will blur, disappear or burn if it is on paper only.

In this way it can be reassured ultimately, so I bought one piece at once. High security can be secured by combining with hardware wallet such as Trezor.

Straimage 7: Introduction to Digital Camera Image Processing Learned with Movies

"PS Vita PCH-2000" Speaker sound cracking, cause and reason of bibi 【Repair method】 - Game music nest

Peach, ultra small EV trial run until June Kansai

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
"Memory Nokaera", only 3 are sold. Matt Mr. Yasuda's comment posted lamenting that "development cost recovery ... ..." to the battle hard - 4Gamer.net

[Good news] Voice actor Emi Ogata, stating a great thing good thing | 2channel thread summary blog - alfalfa mosaic

On the fact that Megumi Nitta departed from Asahi Performing Arts is a Hell Picture Excess too - Enter101

Chinese daughter diary: There is no fire on Japanese! Is it? Incredible! It is! It is!

【Platinum Stars】 Scheduled release date is Decided on Thursday, July 28, 2016! Limited Edition, contents of the first time enclosed bonus is also on the public!

Osan retro gamer is excited and starts crying! Game department of internet archive is extremely hurt - kova

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Naruse Yoshihisa was the first full bomb at 156 first homerun in total: Nanjiashi Stadium @ N J Summary

How many cases have you taken defense obstruction in the past by getting ruined? : Insane @ J

First bulb pop fly and baseball players without first prize play: Insane @ N

Ham Yang Steel, Inamura Ami 's Beginning Ball Celebration: Polly Bulletin

【Good news】 Former Hanshin Kuren Huang, striking three consecutive consecutive streaks with animation 【With animation】: Nanjei Stadium @ None J Summary

Iwamura "I will tell you the truth of the incompatibility theory with Furuta director" Completion edits: What time is it at the stadium @ J J. Summary

MLB NEWS: Ichiro Draft 4th place ← Lie and ...

◆ UEFA-CL ◆ R81st, Balsa × Atretico Walo www at Torres teacher theater completely (Bayern still have a hard time with Benfica) Both games highlight

◆ UEFA-CL ◆ Mr. Owen "Why was not Suarez being sent off, because I caught him right away so that the fan franc did not collapse!"

【ACL Urawa x Guangzhou match result】 Urawa wins 1-0 against Asian champion Guangzhou at home! It is! [All goal movies available]

[ACL Buriram × Hiroshima match result] Hiroshima is award and precious winning point 3! It is! 0-2 Victory! [All goal movies available]

Urawa, second place in the defeat of last year's champion · Guangzhou Hengchi! 2nd contest of Muto is consecutively protected | Gexaca [Kodansha]

【ACL grading & critique】 Urawa 1-0 Guangzhou Hengdao | Endo restrained J · Martinez, Sekine suppressed the side. The Rio Olympic Games generation showed "penetrating" play, and restrained the enthusiastic warfare with Asian champion! | Football Digest Web

J than in Europe ... J2 Former U-23 Holland representative who supports the leap forward of Machida "Japan love" full of Yon A Ping: footballnet [soccer summary]

Kids' Jean Simmons absolutely denies hip-hop: "I can finish rap soon!" | Rolling Stone (Rolling Stone) Japanese version

F1 team, sponsorship revenue sharp decline 1: F1 communication

The hand of the investigation into the French Tennis Federation, the chairperson is complicit in cheating or a photograph 1 piece International news: AFPBB News

Sagan's victory plays tool · De Flandre's victory and defeat divide that told the era - cyclist

Mr. Tadahiro Otobu: Birthday Party Venue Hurricane Official Membership fee 10,000 yen, invited 250 people - Mainichi Newspaper

【Bunshun】 Table Tennis Girl, Ai-chan Fukuhara Married! Ikemen Greetings to Disney / Okinawa dating / fiancé's parents home | 2 Channels Summary Blog - Alfalfa Mosaic

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Blower "Q (QUEU)" F-BM25T and other 2 models released | Press Releases | Panasonic Newsroom Japan

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