Really Ie shrimp came in one whole bowl of Udon noodle 's whole ice shrimp udon "I ate

Hanamaru Udon is "Huge Ise shrimp restaurant opened!"I posted the page as April Fool's story in 2016, but during the three days from the next April 2 to the next 4 days, the whole Ise shrimp really" Ise shrimp udon noodles "that the whole shrub was born We offer each restaurant only for 10 meals a day. "\ It really sells! /"I decided to eat what kind of things udon which is being introduced to excitement even at the straw udon site is supposed to eat.

Entire tail! Ise shrimp udon selling! 10 days a day for 3 days Limited news news 2016 | is noodles umen

Arrived at a shop in Nanari Udon

Also at the shop front posters of "whole Ise Shrimp Udon" are listed. Price is 870 yen including tax plus "Hanamaru Udon". I will try to place an order as soon as possible.

And the udon that came out is kore. Really Ise shrimps are whole. For this time, I asked for "Yuzu Inari (Ibaraki) (tax included, 100 yen)" which is being sold seasonally only together.

Noisy with Ise shrimp with one tail.

Ise shrimp, which was split in half in the middle, is packed with body and miso. Just a little closer to the face, there will be a fragrant and unique fragrance of shrimp.

Next to Ise shrimp with fried rice cake ......

Two slices of kamaboko and leeks were added.

A huge body came out as he took out his body all the way out of the shell. Although a little texture still remained, the body with plump texture and light saltiness is exactly Ise shrimp itself.

Udon and Ise shrimp together to eat together, a luxurious moment. Because Ise shrimp's "Miso" is melting in the soup stock of udon, I can feel the flavor of Ise shrimp from the whole udon.

And for a limited time "Yuzu Inari"

From the sushi rice mixed with the yuzu peel, it was finished in Inari shrine drifting with a faint scent of yuzu.

The whole udon's "whole Ise Shrimp Udon" is a limited menu until 4th April today, and it is limited to 10 shops per store, so it seems better for people who care to dash immediately.

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