I tried using a ruler "Pitatto Ruler" which stably stopped and got stuck just when drawing a line

There are a lot of people who experienced the experience that the ruler was carelessly deviated when drawing a line with a ruler and the line rattled ...... So, we made a little effort on the rulers, but normally I can move smoothly, but when I want to stabilize it stops so hard, and so on "Pitat rulerIn 2014Good Design AwardSince it is said that it also won the award, I actually tried using it.

Slip ruler Pitat ruler 15 cm | Product brand "commitment" commitment

This is "Pitat Ruler"

Taking out from the package, it looks like this. The length is 15 cm easy to enter the pen case, acrylic on one side and aluminum on one side are sandwiched between orange rubber materials in the middle.

The back side looks like this.

You can see that there is a gap in the middle of the orange rubber material.

Looking at from the side, the main body is in a mountain shape, so if you put it in the desk you can see that there is a little gap between the ruler and the desk.

When pushing the part that is becoming a mountain tightly, the rubber material hits the desk and friction occurs, and the ruler becomes difficult to move. Usually the rubber part and the paper do not adhere so it can move smoothly and the ruler will not move only when lightly suppressing the rubber part.

So I actually try to use rulers. The point is to hold down the two ends of the pitat ruler tightly. I was able to hold down the ruler on paper with a light force, more stable than holding down only one point in the middle.

You can see how you actually use it from the following movies.

I tried using a ruler not sliding "Pitat ruler" - YouTube

Also, it is possible to check from the following movie how much sliding does not slide with ordinary ruler and pitat ruler when holding down the main body gently.

How long does not slide ruler "Pitatto ruler" slide? - YouTube

If it is an ordinary ruler, even if it keeps it on paper much, if the force from the side is applied ... ...

I will slide with Sugaru ~.

However, if the pitat ruler is suppressing the rubber part in the middle ... ...

The ruler did not move even if force from the side was added.

Also, because it is a rubber material, if you apply a ruler to the thrust of the surface, the degree of not slipping further increases.

Because I did not inadvertently slip even when using a cutter, the possibility of injury was also lowered and I could use it with confidence.

In addition, the price at Amazon is 898 yen including tax.

Amazon | Motomono slip ruler Pitat ruler 15 cm Orange | stationery · office supplies

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