When I let the F1 racer explode that Ferrari F 40 that says "I do not want to ride in the rain" on the snowy mountains

It was produced in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of Ferrari's creation in 1987F 40"Of the original · F1 driver who participated in the developmentGerhard BergerKnown for its power performance & trickyness to say "I do not want to ride absolutely on a rainy day", it is one of the long-awaited sports car fan as well as the current Ferrari fan. With its precious F40, 4K movie of masterpieces that showed how to explode the mountain road of Japan covered with snowDrifting a Ferrari F 40 in Snow Up To Base Camp"Has been released and shocks are running all over the world.

Drifting a Ferrari F40 in Snow Up To Base Camp (4k!) - YouTube

An alarm clock that shimmers.

Tighten the necktie and inject the spirit.

In front of a man with a big baggage headed ......

Ferrari · F 40

I stacked up the luggage on the roof and fixed it.

Put the energy drink Red Bull in the cup holder and you are ready.

Push the accelerator with the engine ON.

V8 · Ferrari sound of twin turbo

From the polycarbonate windscreen, the engine is peeling.

Four fog lamps are mounted on the front.

F 40 of the rally specification.

Insert the cassette tape ......

Finally start.

The aim is to go to Nagano Prefecture · North Shiga Ryuo Highlands.

On the mountain road I pass by grandma.

Run up the hairpin corner ... ....

My condition has come up.

F 40 to blow up mountains.

I put it in the parking lot on the way.

Men who got off from F 40 ......

I came to rent space for skiing and snowboarding.

What did you ask for loan ... ...

tire chain

I received the chain.

F 40 has a spike on a studless tire.

Completely armed by winding a chain on it.

To the state where snow can not be brought to explosion without something.

Skier and snowboarder who disappointedly see the F40 running up the slopes.

It is impossible composition called "F40 to back ski house and Japanese Alps".

The sight from the top of the lift looks something like this.

The snowboarder is also stunned.

Snowy mountains through the ski slope.

It is drift state of counting up counter.

The snowboarder who is walking on the mountain path to the F 40 which raises the snow smoke is amazing.

I will run through the snowy mountain path with stunning technique.

F40 drift the mountain road without guard rails.

It is a masterpiece to sever the snow with Ferrari sound.

A counter overflowing.

Snow is stuck to the front light.

I will proceed while scattering the lump of snow.

And the sun sets ... ...

At night.

F 40 that will blast out at night.

The driver's sight is like this. It seems that he is again running a slope.

Fantastic yellow fog lamp.

Switch to the scene where the snow is dancing ......

A woodpecker

I was driving the F 40Car GuyMr. Takeshi Kimura of the car adventurer was the representative.

I'm wearing trees wonderfully with a burner.

A big tent ......

Don to the roof gorgeously.

The bed is completed.

Sitting on a portable bench ......

Put chicken noodles in the pot.

Instant noodles on snowy mountains are exceptional.

Red Bull is also tough.

Turn on smoking tube ... ...

Instead of light.

Mr. Kimura who walks with it.

In front of the lighting with a smoke tube ... ...

Light of the private house.

This incredible movie,Red Bull and Mr. Kimura's CollaborationThings that were created by. It flew a whiff of blowing that the F 40 without lowering the market price of 100 million yen was blown on the snowy mountains.

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