Demonstration video that is too realistic at the level where it can not distinguish the difference from live action, the unknown ability of the game engine

The game engine required when developing games is software that defines rules such as physical laws and light source processing that are the basis of game operation, and there are many kinds. One of the game engines "Unreal Engine 4Demo video that is being processed in real time at 4K resolution using "Building a 4K experience"Has been released and it has become more impressive quality to mistake as a photograph.

Art by Rens -

We're Getting Dangerously Close To Photo-Realistic Video Game Landscapes

The actual image can be checked from the following movie. When viewing a movie, setting the picture quality to 1080p gives you a good idea of ​​the high quality.

Building a 4K experience - YouTube

This video served as environmental artist and technical art director at DICE developing game "Battlefield" seriesRense de BoerIt was created as a demo image of Mr. Project '4K Experience'.

According to Kotaku of game related media, "Building a 4K experience" is created using the technique called photography modeling technology. Photo modeling technology is simply a technique of generating high resolution 3D mesh based on photographs, and the game "Star Wars battle frontEvenIt was used. I take pictures of the model of the image I want to create and incorporate it into the game engine, but I heard that this image seems to have a tremendously large number of photos taken.

It is a quality that I could mistake as a live-action picture, but I am surprised that it is being processed in real-time at 4K resolution.

According to Rense de Boer, Building a 4K experience focuses on only the superficial part of the image, and it seems that full-scale development will be advanced in the future. When you play the game with this quality video, I am wondering how much immersion is born.

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