GIGAZINE Spring gift big release project "Please answer the questionnaire and bring them all!"

Many people have started preparing for a new life in April. That being said, GIGAZINE will help us live from such spring, with a feeling of daily gratitude, and it will certainly be better to have a gifted gifts release project than something you do not have It was. In addition, we can get "GIGAZINE secret club free trial code" which can be used for a limited time even for those who did not receive a gift, and can support GIGAZINE such as "ad hide", "advanced search function", "favorite article summary function", "full text RSS" We will be able to try out features specially for members who will do it for a limited time only. If you like it and you like it, I'm very happy to support you by registering it as it is.

This gift is a wide variety of lineup from products that I reviewed with GIGAZINE from winter to spring and souvenirs gotten by coverage, just released9.7 inch iPad Pro"Or"IPhone SE", VR headset"Gear VR", 1944 street shape changeable gaming mouse"PIXART 9800", A pizza kettle in which real pizzas will be baked at home"GOURMET OVEN gourmet oven"ASUS USB external monitor evolved into IPS liquid crystal"MB 169 B +"Superb convenience household appliances which are completed with horn boiling of amazing softness by" putting the ingredients in "Slow Cooker, Mr. Osomatsu-sushi pine case 6 sets & Osamatsu san's cards not for sale,Amazon Gift Certificate ¥ 30,000There are 67 products in all.

What kind of people are reading GIGAZINE? Although it also serves as a questionnaire, it is extremely appreciated that people who answered "even if you do not need a present but can cooperate with the questionnaire!" Then, the application method and gift list etc. are from the following.

Application period
From Saturday April 2, 2016 until Sunday 17 April 2016 until 23:59.

◆ Winner announced
As for the winner, since the mail arrives from the GIGAZINE editorial department until the email address at the time of entry after April 18 (Monday), it is ok if you can reply to the address of the shipping address in the form of replying to the mail. In addition, the election notice e-mail is treated as spam with high probability, so despite having won the prize carefully, it has been delayed to realize that we did not receive it .... so sad cases are increasing considerably, so be careful. In the schedule, the notice to the first winner arrives during the month of April 18 (Monday), after which the first winner will not reply to the second winner, the third winner ... It moves according to the mechanism. So, it is "after April 18 (Monday)".

◆ Gift list
Please enter the number as "01" or "02" in the "number of gift you want" on the application page. If you do not need a gift, write "None" is okay.

So, the gift list is from the following.

◆ 01:9.7 inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi 32 GB(1 person)

The color is rose gold. It is a gift message "It is a present from GIGAZINE!"

Charging cables and adapters are also included in this box.

◆ 02:IPhone SE 16GB(1 person)

This is also a rose gold with a gift message "It is a present from GIGAZINE!"

Earphones, adapters, charging cables, etc. are included in the package.

◆ 03:Apple Watch Sport 38mm Space gray aluminum case and Apple Watch's new band "Black woven nylon"(1 person)

◆ 04:Galaxy's VR headset "Gear VR" that you can experience virtual reality Hatsune Miku and roller coaster(1 person)
It is a present of Gear VR alone. Please note that you need Galaxy series 'Note 5' 'S 6 edge +' 'S 6' 'S 6 edge' or 'Galaxy S 7 / S 7 edge' which will soon appear.

◆ 05:Maps display on lost things with smartphone & Ultra small tracking tag "MAMORIO" that other users can search for(1 person)

◆ 06:Cheero Energy Plus mini 4400 mAh Hatsune Miku version(1 person)

Contents are main body · USB cable · Instruction manual.

Hatsune MikuYuichi MurakamiDrawing down on him. The size is 105 × 64 × 12 mm.

On the side surface a power button


LED indicator on the side, 2.1 A USB port, Micro-USB port.

◆ 07:A convenient item "Butterfly Board" which can also be separated and separated into people by a A4 notebook type though it is a white board or it can be huge(1 person)

◆ 08:Mad Catz R.A.T.PRO X Gaming Mouse PIXART 9800(1 person)
PIXART 9800 is a mouse that can change shape of 1944 streets by adjusting parts and selecting optional parts.

The body looks like this. We are planning to review later, so please look forward to it.

◆ 09:Evolutionary system knobs "SMART ROPE" that will display the number of times the potato was flying in front of you with the LED(1 person)

At first glance it looks like a normal break ... ...

The number of times you flew in front of us like this appears.

◆ 10:The world's smallest wireless earphone "EARIN" connecting with a smartphone just by removing it from the capsule(1 person)

It is like this when actually wearing it.

◆ 11:Like the hotel buffet you can have a chocolate fondue simulation "siroca crossline chocolate fountain"(1 person)
We will post chocolate fondue musical articles using chocolate fountain soon so please look forward to it.

◆ 12:Until we have lunch boxes in the morning and eat for lunch, it's a frustrating "Thermos vacuum insulated food container"(1 person)

◆ 13:Ruler that does not slide on paper "Pitat Ruler"(1 person)

◆ 14:Splatoon Aritaki Beanplate Girl&Spratoon Aritaki Bean Pans BoySet of(1 person)
Girl looks something like this. The diameter of the dish is 10.5 cm.

This is a boy.

On the backSplatoon and Saga Prefecture collaboration event "Sagakeen (Saga Khan)"The logo is included.

◆ 15:"Ayataka Nigori Honokaka" that kept astringency and bitter taste down Not for sale package set(1 person)
In a teapot-shaped box ......

I have two nongaked honoka. One of them has wrapping cloth.

◆ 16:"Veggie noodle cutter" that can process vegetables such as carrots, potatoes and zucchini into healthy noodles(1 person)

You can see how you actually use it from the following.

Machine zucchini into noodles with "vege noodle cutter" - YouTube

◆ 17:Portuguese traditional bread-baked toaster used in a gas stove "Guimaransu ifosa"(1 person)

Please note that there are some dirt because it was used for review.

◆ 18:Bone conduction wireless headphones "CODEO" capable of music and speech without obstructing the ear(2 people)

◆ 19:Desktop BBQ stove where barbecue skewer automatically rotates "Barbecue Village Kurukuru"(1 person)

◆ 20:A popcorn maker "D-STYLIST popcorn maker" who wants to make it again why the cone flew away and why it is unpleasant(1 person)

◆ 21:"Burning plate" that can cook baked in a microwave oven(1 person)

◆ 22:"GOURMET OVEN Gourmet oven" where you can make authentic kiln-baked pizza at home(1 person)

Please note that the gourmet oven has been used in the review, so it is dirty.

◆ 23:Folding Travel Kettle(1 person)
This state when using as a kettle.

When folding it will be about two-thirds high, so it will snugly enter the suitcase. This item will also be reviewed in detail later.

◆ 24:Ultra compact and lightweight mobile battery with large capacity 10000 mAh "Anker PowerCore 10000"(1 person)

◆ 25:ASUS USB external monitor "MB169B +" evolved into IPS liquid crystal(1 person)

◆ 26:"On-Lap 1101P" that can be used not only as a PC's sub monitor but also as a large external monitor of a digital camera(1 person)

◆ 27:"Dyodo Blend Umami Blend" pursuing a new taste in the pulp of coffee cherries 30 cans set(1 person)
"Street fighter V figure figure collection" is included on the top of the can.

It is possible to "put a little" on the edge of the can like this.

Since it is 30 can sets, all figure collections should be completed.

◆ 28:"Daido Blend Microsaccharide superior to the world's most varistas" that does not deteriorate over time "24 cans set(1 person)
This is a 24-item set with a bonus, which is a character that appears in "Godzilla" became a desktop item.

There are 5 kinds of desktop items of Godzilla in all.

Like this, you can use it as a smartphone stand or pencil stand.

◆ 29:Navigational food to survive in the poor environment that was eaten by Imperial Navy submarines "Ichi Sushi"Squid tableware set(1 person)

It is made of aluminum in tableware, and contains an original crest embossed with cherry blossoms and anchor.

◆ 30:Even if it is a hot plate, it is a large dish, fashionable "table grill pure" even if you leave it(1 person)
Usability is expected to be published in the near future.

◆ 31:Shooting fans The long-awaited masterpiece is reviving and the "Darius Burst Chronicles Sabers" with full new mode installed(2 people)

◆ 32:Shooting Fans The long-awaited masterpiece is reviving and the "Darius Burst Chronicles Sabers" with a completely new mode loaded online store limited edition(1 person)

In addition to "Darius Burst Chronicles Sabers for PS Vita", 175 pages "DRIUS ODYSSEY Official Setting Data Collection CA ver." And "Original Arrange Album CD" are included in the limited edition.

◆ 33:Omron's heater attached massage cushion "HM-341" with comfort to become a habit(1 person)

◆ 34:Drawing a profession as an RPG-like "corporate warrior", full of job content and salary "Japanese salary & professional chartbook"(1 person)

◆ 35:Digitize handwritten notes and analog pictures with a single button in a blink of an eye, "Bamboo Spark" which can be sent immediately to Evernote(1 person)

◆ 36:Padlock "Noke" that can be unlocked with a smartphone as a key and Bluetooth(1 person)

There are two gifts, silver and black.

◆ 37: Lawson's Kagashi-kun not for sale stuffed animal(1 person)
It is a set of two pieces of red and cheese.

It's about the size you can hold with one hand.

The back view is as follows.

◆ 38:Thirtiwan "Wonderful Easter"Extra box & seal set(1 person)

◆ 39:A set of high capacity rapid charging battery "Pronto" and capacity of 4500 mAh "Pronto 5" that will fill up 13500 mAh in just one hour(1 person)

◆ 40:"Slow cooker" super convenient home appliances which is completed with horn boiled with amazing softness by "putting in the ingredients"(1 person)

24 hour timer is also set.

Transparent of this feeling Soft corn cooking is easy to complete.

◆ 41:Panasonic "clothing steamer NI-FS 310" that can make clothes wrinkle while hanging on a hanger(1 person)

Internet service provider'sInterlinkThe logo is included.

♦ 42:Supernatural looking like a real human Figure with a realistic muscle "Super Flexible Mail Seamless Body"(1 person)

◆ 43:Easy to try but a feast. Unburned oven recipe(1 person)

It is surprising that this taste can be done in such a short time. As the title of the book, cooking is easy and the baking time is much shorter than the imagination anyway, but I think that this taste comes out because the seasoning for not only baking it but also making it delicious in a short time is exhausted. The cooking method is also devised so that the seasoning is added quickly to the heat resistant dish and it mixes it and it burns as it is, so that washing is also minimized, so it is really easy in the moment from the start of cooking to tidying up. In this case, even if you start cooking while customers are talking, it will be enough in time and it will be just right to serve warm. I think that combination of ingredients as a truly professional, especially combinations of chestnut and cranberry and sausage I would like to try next time. A book that seems to be used all the year for all the ingredients easy to come anywhere throughout the year. Even just looking at the recipe, it seems easy to make this next, and it makes me feel like I should make it from now. A book that I thought from my heart that it was nice to have an oven!

◆ 44:From shooting for Web production to management, retouching Designer & amp; Director takes pictures well(1 person)

Since the sample of the photograph is well listed, it is comparatively good, it was quite good. It is not just a shooting technique, it is a book for that person because it has written the role as a director as the title.

◆ 45:Death metal Africa: Dark continental dark music(1 person)

It is an introduction and interview book of the band in the category of Death Metal with Africa as the scope.
In a word, "Dark Book"
Very dark. Content density, dealing genre, everything is dark.

From 17 countries, the band has introduced more than 100 bands, and the number of bands interviewed has also reached a considerable number.

Regarding the interview, there are some parts that are hard to understand, such as characters, some parts where the conversation is not established, but that is it as it is, it is fun to read in reverse.
Not only the music scene, but also things related to the national character etc. can be felt, it is very interesting.
Regarding the evaluation of music, there are parts that are felt to be too dry as words such as "College Level of Level" or "Deathly Personality" come out because it is evaluated purely purely.

◆ 46:Learning from example from planning to promotion, analysis, monetization Smartphone application rationale of marketing 87(1 person)

From smartphone application planning to selection of business model It is no exaggeration to say that it is a practical manual from smartphone application creation to operation. If you want to make a smartphone application, we recommend you to buy this book without hesitation. Anyway, there are plenty of exciting app marketing cases, can you actually issue this number? It is written as a realistic example as.

◆ 47:Illustration Illustration Teaching of Nakane Tan that makes living dramatically more lively(1 person)

Known for being a familiar man 's favorite reading book, it is popular among business peopleNakane TanI explained in an easy-to-understand way with illustration illustration.
In this book, Hiro Moriya, a leading Chinese literary student in Japan, carefully selected 100 words that are also familiar to the modern day from the word of "350 Nakane Tan"
Commentary with easy-to-follow illustration. We also classify themselves according to themselves, human relationships, jobs, etc. so that they can be used immediately when they feel uncomfortable with their daily lives.

◆ 48:A coffee man(1 person)

One book that professionals representing Tokyo 's coffee scene understand the work and life so far in their respective stories. Through a long interview to them, who have different generations, biographies and mindset, they invoke a look at the "value" behind the coffee.

◆ 49:Japanese History Great lie dictionary(1 person)

This book is full of information that overturns the knowledge of "Japanese history" that we have learned in schools and textbooks so far. "Is the Satsuka League all just a cleverness?" "Tokugawa Yoshimune is also a nightmare general warrior!" ... etc. You can enjoy "lie" of Japanese history that you want to talk to someone without thinking "what is it?" With this one volume.

◆ 50:Adventure Time Fan Book(1 person)

From adults to children, they are cute though they are crazy about a surreal worldview somewhere!
MUKU with the first appendix of the long-awaited "Adventure Time" to tell plenty of its charm.

◆ 51:Impact of droning business New market where small unmanned aerial vehicles open up(1 person)

It will grow to a market of more than 12 billion dollars in the next 10 years
What is "drone"?
Business model, regulation what will it become?
Chris Anderson, also known as "FREE" "Long Tail"
The drone business which is receiving the most attention now.
Amazon, Secom, Komatsu, Crocs etc.,
Case examples of domestic and foreign drone utilization, interviews with key persons are collected, and we are close to the present condition of drone business.

◆ 52:Mos Burger Stream leader's habits to produce results(1 person)

In this book, "How to be a loved one", "How to make a good team" "Not to fail to fail,
The idea for going forward, "" How to deal with troubled boss who does not listen to people's story "
How many concrete know-how is introduced about making good human relationships in the workplace.
The important principles of social interaction necessary to demonstrate their full potential to the fullest,
Mr. Sakurada, Chairman and President of Moss Food Service will reveal how to practice it.

◆ 53:How to polish decision(1 person)

Author, bestseller "How to polish preparedness" · Takayuki Ikeda, "How to polish determination power". To everyone who wants to change now. People who can not move because they thought "What if I fail," I am addicted to an undecided trap. Those people would like you to read this book carefully. Fear of failure is not a personality, but a habit of thought. But, habit can be changed. Let's begin a journey to get decisive strength.

◆ 54:Prescription of "Creative" - ​​idea of ​​ideas that work best when it stalls 86(1 person)

Reading materials that are hints for living in creatives are introduced.
Schools and societies have been born in this world with wonderful imagination, intuition, intelligence
It does not notice the ability, it disappears without being used. In order to make it aware
It is only to take action, try not to be afraid of failing anything, the author says.

For example, a painter Salvatore Dalí is a person who tried to form the world around himself,
In addition to joiners, filmmakers, jewelry designers, architects and designers, clothing, textiles, perfumes
I also designed a bottle. Anyway I did what I received a request.

It is said that asking such a person who is "artist of surrealism renowned for art history", etc.
Without saying, choosing what is important and what is not important is secondary, so it seems interesting
He said that he received a story one after another.

Designers with a unique vision of contemporary dance, also opera houses and stadiums,
We are designing to hotels, in fact cars and boats. That is, the target of the design
Whatever it is, they are already establishing effective thought methods for application, first of all
Is that the idea of ​​trying is important?

Such attitude can be applied to anything, it is useful in various scenes of life.
Creativity is a measure of the world itself, and how it relates to the world
It is also a methodology.

◆ 55:What is happening when reading a book Between words and visuals, between the eyes and the head(1 person)

This book analyzes how characters and landscapes are imaged in the minds of readers, mainly when reading novels.
I thought that I would image as a series of stories and images as I watch a movie, but when I read this book, it is "I see!
The way people perceive it is very different from cameras that they are very selective and only recognize the parts that are necessary for them.
The composition of the book, or how to express it is packed like a surprise to express how to construct a comprehensive world of stories by gathering fragmentary recognition like the one above.

◆ 56:Learning with video WordPress school The first book you read when launching a website(1 person)

"I want to make a website of a store" "I want to try WordPress but it seems to be difficult" "I threw a thick introductory book."
This book is an introduction to making a homepage for such a person.
A professional teacher who is active at the front line of Web production commentary on the use of WordPress and the necessary knowledge for web site creation in 180 minutes original video. In addition, a breakthrough primer which can be learned while looking back in the text was born.
From the installation of WordPress, how to use posting, how to use posts, how to switch theme and plug-in, carefully explained one by one based on sample theme (provided by download) that you can use right away.

◆ 57:Wonder Festival 2016 WinterLimited danbo(1 person)

◆ 58:"Nukakora" that you can do a cat-covered shrine visit Birth templeSouvenir cats warmth(1 person)

◆ 59:Osomatsu-san pine pine case 6 types 1 set& Mr. Osomatsu playing cards not for sale(1 person)
Osomatsu-san Smartphone cases are six in all. It is for iPhone 6s / 6.

On the back side of the package is written "Dajo realizing the six sense of unity that does not impair the function of the iPhone" and "TPU material that is supple and highly resilient and has high deformation resistant properties like deca pan" It is.

I tried putting the cover on the iPhone 6 in fact.

A pine mark on the back. Camera etc are properly exposed.

right side

Left side

The bottom is like this

It is possible to keep a pine tree hidden in your pocket. Incidentally,Promotion of Quantity Limited Sales Pine Case Details can be confirmed from hereis.

Also, if you purchase a smartphone case with a set you will also receive a not-for-sale card that you can get.

The back side of the cards is a pine pattern ......

Of course the six-child picture on the face with numbers written.

Since there is a card with one scene of animation drawn, since the specification is different from ordinary cards, you can do a little different way from usual.

◆ 60:GIGAZINE Original T-shirt & Necular T-shirt(1 person)
Size is 5 types of GIGAZINE original T-shirt XS, S, M, L, XL.

It is like this when a man wears.

Nekkuru T-shirt is a set of M size and L size for women.

◆ 61: exciting Hokkaido Sugoroku(1 person)
It is an original goods named after the opening of the Hokkaido Shinkansen.

Starting from Tokyo and aiming for the new Hakodate Hokuto which is the goal.

Furthermore, starting from Shin Hakodate Hokuto and going round about Hokkaido, we also have the type to goal at Hakodate.

Dice and characters look like this. Character of Hokuto city, Sasebo Hokkiya, Ikaru star of Hakodate's character here are lining up.

◆ 62:Chromecast(1 person)

◆ 63:Garrett popcorn can(1 person)

◆ 64: Movie "Revenant: SuicidePress Sheet(1 person)

◆ 65:Yokai Watch exciting Halloween set(2 sets for 1 person)

In the pouch in the shape of a gibanyang, there is a body seal, a paper napkin, a paper cup, a sushi ticket, and a Halloween lantern light.

Halloween lantern light is five kinds of whisper · ghibany · gabnyan · USA · Pyeon · coma.

◆ 66: Anime set(1 person)
·Wonder Festival 2016 [Winter]: "Nendoroid10th Anniversary Catalog & Crocodile Parts Case & Sticker
·MADOGATARI Exhibition: December 24th and 25th Christmas card for visitors only gifts
·Petit ★ Assobi vol.4:Fate / Grand Order Cafeof"Fate / Grand Order"Place mat&"Fate / Zero Cafe"Postcard,"Monthly Gao!" First issue
·AnimeJapan 2016Distribution items: AnimeJapan 2016 booklet,Animation "Touken Ranbu"Flyers (the back side is "Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru -"), "Macross △"Leaflet,"Kamiwaza Wanda"clear file,"Idolmaster Cinderella GirlsPost card set, "FellowOn the other hand,Anime collaboration foodAccessory"Is your order a rabbit? Is it?"&"WORKING !!!"card,V-STORAGENon-sales booklet,Monst Official Magazine "Monster Magazine Business Trip", "My Hero AccademiaTrial reading BOOK, "Bakuon !!"Postcard,Movie version "Fate / stay night" Heaven's Feel animatedFlyer, "Fate Project 2016" post card set

◆ 67: Amazon Gift Certificate 30,000 Yen(1 person)

The present project was closed! Thank you for many entries.

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