VoCore with Wi-Fi running Linux with coin size

Until the arrival of the IoT era where all kinds of things are connected to the Internet, small and extremely thin terminal of coin size is "VoCoreIf you use, you can incorporate yourself in the machine and program on Linux basis, you can make various things into IoT devices.

VoCore | A coin-sized Linux computer with wifi

This is a very small computer "VoCore" of 25.4 mm in width × 25.4 mm in length × 3.4 mm in thickness. CPU, memory, Wi-Fi module, etc. are incorporated in coin size.

CPU is "RT 5350 F(PDF file) "(360 MHz), the memory has 32 MB of SDRAM (133 MHz), 8 MB of SPI flash memory storage, Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz, 802.11 n) chip mounted, USB 2.0 and Ethernet (wired LAN) It can also be used.

There is also a dedicated expanded dock that has a USB port & LAN port, and if you use it, you can complete a small PC in a dice shape.

It operates from 3.2 V to 6 V power supply, and when using Dock, it can supply power from the Micro-USB port.

The VoCore main body is about 19.99 dollars (about 2200 yen) as small as the size of the SD card looks big, and the low price of 44.99 dollars (about 5000 yen) even with the model with Dock. Open Source Linux DistributionOpenWrtAlthough it is for a built-in device, it is a machine driven by a smart printer depending on the idea, such as making the printer Wi-Fi compatible, making the digital camera a Wi-Fi camera, incorporating it into a robot, or making it a portable VPN router It is a PC that can be used for various purposes including home appliances and IoT.

Hackster.ioAs an example of using VoCore, our own digital devices are summarized.

VoCore projects - Hackster.io

·VoCore AirPlay Server
This is an example of creating an AirPlay server using VoCore. You can play the saved file on the iOS terminal.

·NES Emulator
You can also make emulator of NES (NES) at VoCore.

·VoCore as smart sensor
It is also possible to make a simple sensor.

A smart sensor made by combining VoCore and an inexpensive PIR sensor can be checked with the following movie

Pir sensor - YouTube

·Wifi Toycar
With VoCore as the brain, you can make a little toy.

You can check Wifi Toycar that you can control with the Wi-Fi remote control in the following movie.

VoCore: Simple Wifi Toy Car - YouTube

In addition, Wifi Toycar seems to be rolling down from the desk in the process of production and it seems to have broken, and it seems that we plan to install the camera module after correcting the malfunction.

· Nokia display on VoCore
This is connected to the Nokia 5110 liquid crystal display and it seems that characters are displayed.

It is a demonstration showing how VoCore can easily connect with other modules, and the source code is published on the following site.

GitHub - GreenWire - Elektronik / vocore _ 5110 _ demo: VoCore 5110 demo application

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