I have seen the "warship island" must-see rude mania who was registered as a World Heritage site and also became the location of the "Advance Giant"

Known as "Battleship Island"The end island of Nagasaki prefecture, as a coal mine island, had a population density of about nine times that of Tokyo in the peak period and many people gathered and prospered. However, as the coal demand decreased due to the energy revolution, the coal mines closed and now it is a deserted island. The building of the time, such as a high-rise apartment building of reinforced concrete which was built first in Japan, was abandoned and it was turned into ruins, the live-action version "Attack on Titan"It is used as a location location, is valued as a ruin and a modern heritage and gained attention as an island gathering attention. Since it is that there is a sightseeing tour of this warship island, I went and saw it.

Battleship Island landing / round tour / war ships island concierge

Battleship IslandThe end island is known as Nagasaki City, Nagasaki prefecture.

On the day of the visit, we will head to the tour reception office in Tokiwa dock at Nagasaki Port.

As we completed transfer of reservation and tour fee of 4,200 yen (tax included) in advance, the reception is completed only by confirming the name. A visitor card and brochure will be handed over.

On the pier we have a waiting queue. The ship is free seat so it is better to sit down in good seats as it is lined up earlier.

As soon as the departure time approaches, the ship arrives, the view from the second floor also gets good wind, so it seems to be OK, but it will be filled soon and it will be vacant on the first floor.

I will be sailing as soon as I receive an explanation of the life jacket by guide staff.

The ship left the pier while being sent off by the staff.

You can see immediately after you sailGiant cantilever craneIs a large electric crane originally established in Japanworld HeritageIt is also registered.

About 30 minutes later, the warship island was visible in front of me.

It seems that the viewers are surprised at the scenery, such as "Ooo" can be heard.

One lap around the island, the observation course is limited to a part of the island so some structures are only seen at this timing.

Although I only have to wait for landing, there is only one pier on the island so if the boat of the other tour leaves the pier, the boat can not approach. For a while it will be waited with the wave being shaken.

Finally it is landing. The observation course is paved with concrete firmly and there is no worry of feet. In addition, access to other than the tour course is prohibited.

First of all, near the harbor, the place where coal dug out is brought. Buildings that can be seen in the back are schools, etc. The columns that stand side by side on the right side are the support columns of the belt conveyor.

Because guide guidance is also easy to understand in detail, it will be various studies. The facility at the top of this mountain is a reservoir. It was a facility that was active until the mains and direct water pipes were laid.

There are buildings in the middle of collapse, and you can see by seeing it is dangerous as you approach.

As for how to visit, turn three turns while listening to the explanation of the guide at three meeting places. Since the staying time is decided for each tour group, you have to move according to instructions of the guide and staff.

I came to the second meeting place. Building which is on the right side is the entrance of coal mine's stand shaft. This staircase is "Stairway of life"Coal mine workers are called"Living back from the coal mine, descending safely from this staircaseIt is said that I went up while swearing every time.

In the brick building there is a communal bath, where the workers who turned black in the coal mine drained sweat and dirt. The bath is warmed sea water and it is divided into three, and it goes in turn in each dirty stage. You can see that water was dealt with valuablely on the island, such as being able to use fresh water only at the end.

The wall that is falling in front is a quay of the quay damaged by the damage of the typhoon. Because the wind hits the south of the island, the destruction of the building is ahead of other places.

While watching the building that seems to collapse immediately to the third meeting place.

From the last meeting place, the first high-rise apartment building of reinforced concrete in Japan "Building 30You can see.

A 7-story high-rise apartment built in 1916. Workers lived as company houses.

It is torn inside the building.

The stairs are also collapsed, but handrails are also seen in the back.

When looking at the building from above, there is a colonnade in the center part of the building, but you can not see anything further, as you can not approach the building anymore.

Pier A area where you can see tours from the eastern part of an island to the southwestern part where No. 30 building can be seen. After the guidance of the building No. 30 is over, I will go back to the pier to the pier.

We photographed the facilities we found newly on the way back on commemoration.

Shooting from just before the jetty just before getting on the return ship. There was a kindergarten on the roof of the No. 65 building on the left.

The visiting time is about 45 minutes. There are neither a toilet nor a convenience store on the island.

On the way back I sat down on the second floor. I wanted to return at the second floor seat where the wind was hit by light seasickness, so it is somehow safe with this.

When their ships came out, the ship waiting for the turn went to the jetty. You can see the ship waiting for the next number in the back.

The entire island was visible just by leaving a little. It seems strange to say that "Nobody lives anymore on the island where such many buildings were built and prospered".

Looking at the silhouette, it seemed that real warships existed there.

The Janken convention starts and gifts of gifts are given to the winners.

Since Castella Ice (300 yen tax included) was sold on board the ship, I bought it. Vanilla ice is caught in sweet sponge with sweet. I feel it is very tasty because I eat it on a ship. If I had something to come by tour again, I would definitely want to purchase it.

Returning to Nagasaki Port,Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki ShipyardYou will see a factory such as a luxurious passenger ship under construction. The tour of 2.5 hours is finally finished.

The place where tours can be observed is only within the red line of the figure, but the attractiveness and historical value of the carpenter is well transmitted.

Old buildings such as Building No. 30 only have to wait for it to collapse as it is without any means of preservation. Because there are some buildings that have collapsed in recent typhoons, valuable buildings may collapse unless you go to see it now. Because the guide who will guide you on the site is actually those who lived on this island and people who are deeply related, there are more interesting stories than the knowledge gained on the net etc, so if you are interested, Please visit. However, we recommend that you keep everything safe from seasickness.

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