Discover a mystery civilization A stone board 2500 years ago was discovered in which the "lost language" was engraved

Developed an advanced civilization in Italy from the 8th century BC to the 1st century BCEtruscansI love banquets, music, luxury, but it is said to have been very religious. At the moment we have advanced character culture but little material is left and we do not know what kind of culture we were building so we can say "mystery civilization" sometimes called Etruscan languages ​​carved stone board newly It is expected to be discovered and become a clue to elucidate the mystery.

Text in lost language may reveal god or goddess worshipped by Etruscans at ancient temple | SMU Research

A plate stone discovered in Italy by archaeologists was embedded in the foundation of a temple built more than 2,500 years ago and it was decorated as a symbol of power at the time the temple was still functioning It is being seen.

Plateki is one of the dead wordsEtruscanIt is said that the document is about worshiping the gods and goddesses. Many of the Etruscan words discovered so far were short sentences related to the grave and funeral, so this discovery relating to worship and religion is very valuable.

Archaeologist Gregory Yodon said, "The documents discovered this time are sacred and become important clues to elucidate the early faith that was done in the" lost culture "which was the root of Western customs I guess. "

The plate stone weighs about 500 pounds (about 230 kg) and is about 4 feet (about 1.2 m) in height × 2 feet in width (about 60 cm) in size. It seems that a document consisting of about 70 letters was written with punctuation marks. Because the Etruscans have often written letters on degraded wax sheets or fabric books, it is unusual that such long documents are written on stone boards, predicting that new letters that have not been discovered in the past will also be found It is being done.

The stone board has parts where characters are faint and difficult to read, and it is said that one side has discolored because of fire in the ancient times. The contents are being examined now by photogrammetry method and laser scan, and investigation will be carried out over the next several months.

The 20-year mining project has revealed daily life-related items such as ceramics and houses used by upper classes and non-upper classes, as well as things concerning gifts and beliefs to God. Also gems, coins, artworks, etc. were discovered from the 7th century BC to the 2nd century BC, which are valuable materials for understanding the culture of the Etruscans.

Regarding the language of Etruria, there are some parts which are found out, such as verbs and nouns, but there are also many parts that are unknown about the religious parts such as God and Goddess that were worshiped in the land, The discovery of this time seems to be very valuable for elucidating the mystery.

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