The dangerous interior of a genuine counterfeit counterfeit "MacBook charger" is like this

Even though it looks exactly like that, the contents are totally different things, and the AC adapter that charges the hardware also has a lot of design, performance and price. A comparative examination by a disassembling mania who disassembled and disassembled various electronic devices including Apple's AC adapter, etc. how exactly bad products (fakes) which looks just like an expensive Apple genuine article are different, said, "Safety is money We have reached the conclusion that you should buy. "

Counterfeit Macbook charger teardown: convincing outside but but dangerous inside

It is Ken Sirifu, a disassembling man who disassembles the AC adapter for fake MacBook that looks exactly like Apple genuine products. A report on Mr. Sirif's decomposing the real AC adapter for MacBook can be confirmed in the following article.

Disassemble and confirm what is the structure of Apple's original AC adapter of MacBook - GIGAZINE

The image below is the AC adapter for MacBook sent by Mr. Sirifu to the reader of the blog "Ken Shirriff's blog" posting the hardware decomposition report, "The fake may have been grabbed" with the e-mail. There is such a notation on the side part, the beauty of the font and the precision of the icon are indistinguishable from the Apple product.

There is also an embossed Apple apple, and the notation of the side is somehow a genuine AC adapter, but it is said to be suspiciously light when taken. Also, Mr. Sirfu's doubt is raised as to whether it is not an Apple design that the seal written with the serial number next to the metal parts is slightly inclined.

And, looking at the asymmetric gap of the seam of the part, the suspicion that this is not an Apple product is increasingly rich. In addition, Mr. Sirrif did not miss that sparks slightly flew when trying to measure the power of the Magsafe connector by connecting the outlet. This genuine Apple genuine product starts charging from a low voltage of 3V to 6V, confirms that it is a compliant device, then increases the voltage value, so suddenly it starts charging with a high voltage of 14.75V Mr. Sirif is convinced that it is a fake.

I was convinced that it was a fake, so do not hesitate to disassemble. When removing the case on one side it is like this.

"The contents of the counterfeit is a simple flyback switching power supply," sir Mr. Sirf.

The circuit is also standard as a flyback power supply. The current input from the glasses cable is converted to DC by the bridge rectifier next to the fuse and smoothed by the filter capacitor. The metal part (ground pin) at the bottom right of the image has also been found to be just decoration.

The control IC of the board has the character "63G 01 415" and it turns out that it is a chip called "OB 2263".

The board on the left is a counterfeit board and the right is the genuine Apple board. Differences in the fineness of the circuit and the integration density of chips and capacitors are obvious.

The counterfeit AC adapter is made simple without money, but Sirifu pointed out that there is a big problem in safety. The lower part of the image is the primary high voltage side and the upper part is the second low pressure side but because the circuit on the left part is too close, it is connected by solder falling and moisture is attached It seems there is a danger of short-circuiting and fire as soon as possible. Mr. Sirifu says, "I can not understand why bothering the trouble to bother doing so by making such a complicated circuit shape, although there is not enough room in the space."

When power is measured with an oscilloscope, it becomes large by switching on / off of the switching transistorspikeIt is confirmed that the charge quality is poor as expected as expected.

At first glance, it has been confirmed that fake AC adapter that looks like Apple genuine products has a danger of fire when used, before charging quality was bad. Sirefu says that the difference in quality as an AC adapter is obvious though it is a much cheaper bad product compared to genuine products.

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