Can purchase wine at any time with a Wi-Fi connected wine bottle & refill with "Kuvée" refillable

"I want to keep the freshness of the wine long after opening" "I want to enjoy various wines at once" "Wine bottle wrapped in a bottle is a troublesome bottle" can solve the trouble at the same time Wine bottle "Kuvée"is. Since the bottle body is connected to Wi-Fi, it is possible to display wine information in detail or purchase additional wine, and because it is more cartridge type, taste hardly deteriorates and keep freshness for a long time It has become possible to do.


You can see what kind of wine bottle Kuvée is, by seeing the movie below.

Welcome to Kuvée on Vimeo

Kuvée looks like a normal bottle wine at a glance.

Remove the aluminum cartridge bottle ......

Insert cartridge from bottom of Kuvée.

The information on the wine in the cartridge is displayed on the display part of the surface of Kuvée.

Furthermore, it is also possible to check the remaining amount of wine.

By scrolling the display, you can learn more about information such as wine production area.

When drinking wine, you can drink it by pouring it into the glass just like ordinary bottle wine is OK.

"The taste falls immediately when opening the wine", a woman face woman.

So Kuvée's turn. I will install the same wine cartridge on Kuvée as the brand that the woman usually likes and drinks.

After reading the cartridge information, Kuvée's display will show the label of the wine.

A typical wine bottle will oxidize gradually after about 3 days to 1 week after opening, but the taste falls, but because Kuvée has a special structure for the lid of the cartridge, oxidation of the wine for up to 30 days We can keep taste without losing it.

A woman is dirty and can smoke a delicious wine.

The type of wine you want to drink is different, a couple inside a fight.

Kuvée's turn here as well. First insert a cartridge of Chardonnay ... ...

Pour into one of the glasses.

Next, replace the cartridge.

Pour red wine on the other glass.

By swapping Kuvée's cartridges, you can drink all kinds of wine at once, so it seems to work well in scenes where large numbers gather.

When the remaining amount of wine is low, you can order wine directly from Kuvée's display and you can choose from 48 kinds of wines you like.

Pick a brand and quantity ......

Purchased with one click and one click. The price of the cartridge is about 15 dollars (about 1700 yen) to 30 dollars (about 3400 yen) in 750 ml of 1 bottle.

Even people who are not familiar with wine can look for recommended wine based on Kuvée user's reviews.

You can see the review videos you actually drank wine using Kuvée from the following.

The gloriously dumb Wi-Fi wine bottle of the future - YouTube

Kuvée has a round bottom with its bottom, and metal parts are visible.

Insert the cartridge from the bottom and use it.

While pouring wine, it seems that illustrations poured wine on the display are displayed.

When removing the cartridge use the button at the top of the bottle.

The shape of the bottle is like a cylinder and a rectangular parallelepiped merged.

The cap part of the cartridge is as follows and has a role to prevent the oxidation of the wine by entering the air.

Kuvée accepts reservations at Indiegogo on the cloud funding site and is able to get 1 Kuvée and 4 wine cartridges with a capital of $ 199 (about 22,600 yen). Although shipping is scheduled for December 2016, attention should be paid to the fact that shipping available areas are only in the US at the time of article creation.

Kuvée: The Smart Wine Bottle That Keeps Wine Fresh | Indiegogo

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