Rich chocolate sweet and sour Berry and rose gentle fragrance Godiba 90th anniversary chocolate and soft cream taste review

Godiva, which celebrates the 90th anniversary of its foundation in 2016, has begun offering Shokolixa and three kinds of soft cream of "White Chocolate Raspberry & Rose" flavor for a limited time from Wednesday, March 16. I was wondering what the combination of raspberry and rose would be like, so I went to eat at once.

GODIVA | 90th Anniversary Limited Collection Chocolate White White Chocolate Raspberry & Rose

Arrived at Godiva's store.

It was a big advertisement for the 90th anniversary limited shochokikusa at the shop front signboard.

I will place an order at the store at once.

Wait for about 5 minutes "Chocolate White White Chocolate Raspberry & Rose"(600 yen including tax) I was able to receive. The cup has a cover with a colorful illustration of the 90th anniversary commemoration.

"Chocolate drink that uses Godiba's white chocolate and sour tasteful raspberry, Rose expresses a slightly fragrant taste." Looking from the side, vivid raspberry & rose sauce shines well with a pale pink drink.

Raspberry & Rose sauce is also on top of the whipped cream on the drink's surface, and more bright red raspberries are topped.

When I drink it, white chocolate and raspberry sauce are double in sweetness and finished in a very dense drink. Since raspberries are used for both sauces and chips, you can enjoy sweet and sour flavors, but on the other hand you did not feel the scent of rose much.

Also raspberry & rose sauce was used90th Anniversary Limited Soft Cream(510 yen including tax) I ordered 3 kinds as well. First of all, white chocolate and double chocolate were mixed togetherGodiva Soft Cream Raspberry & Rose Mix Chocolate Raspberry & RoseFrom.

The waffle cone is packed with a mix soft cream, and if you bring it with your hand, the cone is slender and slender.

Like Shokorikishi, raspberry chips and raspberry & rose sauce are topped in the surface, and plate chocolate sticking to the 90th anniversary of Godiva is stuck.

The back is like this. There is also a rose tip on the top of the waffle cone.

Soft cream has a very smooth mouthfeel, making it possible to enjoy the authentic flavor of chocolate. The bitter taste of the double chocolate and the sweetness of the white chocolate are just mixed together and it matches well with the acidity of the raspberry. Because the taste of chocolate is rich, it is a little disappointing that the fragrance of rose was not felt so much like Shokorikisha.

As we advance, eating texture made crispy with waffle corn and crispy texture of sweet and sour dry raspberry, it is good to have a change in taste.

"Godiva Soft Cream Raspberry & Rose White Chocolate Raspberry & Rose"Soft cream mixed with white chocolate is a very milky taste, but the sweetness of chocolate is quite intense. However, the aftertaste was refreshing and it was compatible with the sourness of raspberry.

"Godiva Soft Cream Raspberry & Rose Double Chocolate Raspberry & Rose"The authentic flavor of Belgian chocolate is felt, it is not too bitter but too sweet, it tastes like likely to be favorable to all. When eating after the white chocolate soft cream, the bitter taste of chocola gushes at a stroke and it becomes a high cacao chocolate-like flavor like cacao 70%.

Since Shokorikisha and soft cream are sold only at some stores in Godiva,Store searchIt is better to check the handling stores from the page before going.

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