Three major announcements including "Zega Pain Adaptation" theater screening in "Zega Pain" 10th anniversary project

The 10th anniversary event of the TV animation "Zega Pain" broadcasted in 2006 was held in AnimeJapan 2016, and "Zegapain ADPThree major announcements were held, including the theatrical release.

[ZEGAPAIN] Zegapain

Mr. Yuji Hirooka of the Bandai Visual served, and Shintaro Asanuma of Sogoru Kyou, Director Kanaka Hanazawa and director Masami Shimoda entered the role of Kamininagi Ryoko. People who participated were fans from the time of television broadcasting, but there were also people who are still not watching and someone who is coming from now. By the way, Seaga Pain will do the event at this Tokyo big siteTokyo International Anime Fair 2010Ever since in 6 years. Mr. Hirooka expressed it as "entangled for the first time in 6 years to Ariake server!"

The 10th anniversary illustration and logo was first announced at the event. According to Shimoda, this 10th anniversary illustration pushed the portion of Zegapain's "Refreshing Youth Group Image Theater" to the front.

1: 10th anniversary commemoration BD-BOX release decision
BD-BOX was produced once on September 1, 2010, but since it was a product of limited order production at Bandai Visual's site "If you have 2000 orders if you make it", general sale will be held this time Then that. By the way, there were 8000 orders in the last BOX, so the event was held at Maihama with that power.

2: 10th Anniversary Event 10th Anniversary Sega Pain SBG The beginning of summer @ Maihama server
Speaking of Sega Pain, 'August 31' is the key, but this event will be held on Maihama Amphitheater on July 16. Because it is because the birthday of Kyowo is actually July 16, 2006 in fact.

Appearance cast is Ayako Kawasumi who serves as Shizuno as well as Mr. Asanuma and Hanazawa. ROCKY CHACK to sing ED theme "Little Goodbye" will also participate.

The tickets will be accepted at Eplus, the fastest leading lottery from 17 o'clock on Sunday, March 27 th (Mon) at 23:59 p.m. The afternoon session opens at 13:30 · the show starts at 14:30, the night section opens at 17:30 · at 18:30, the S seat is 6000 yen for tax and A is 5000 yen for tax.

3: Zegapain ADP
The last announcement was "Zegapain ADP". "ADP" has meanings such as Adaptation as well as Advanced project, and theatrical event screening will start in Shinjuku Piccadilly and Cinema Ikspiari from Saturday 15th October 2016.

The content is to reconstruct the TV series, add a new cut, and it will be the contents of a new interpretation. A new character was announced at the stage to show that it will not become "a simple summary".

The first one is "Canautout". It is a character familiar to Sega Pain's name, only the name comes out in the main part of the TV series.

The second competitor is a girl. A senior from Kyou's middle school era, a character that was mentioned as "a senior adore". From the figure,MizukiMi Hirooka says he is more than a cheerful child.

Hunaberi is the principal of Maihama High School. The TV series was a story to help boys save the world, but it is said that they will appear as representatives of adults who will be there.

Of course, it means that there is a new cast that new characters come out, this time, it seems that it will be an all new record about sound.

Zega Pain celebrating 10 years with the support of fans, its 10th anniversary is a necessity.

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