I tried staying at "Daiwa Roynet Hotel Tokushima Ekimae", a 1-minute walk from Tokushima Station convenient for Awa Dance and Machi ★ Asobi

In Tokushima where "Awaodori" is held in the summer and "Machi ★ Asobi" in the spring and autumn is held, in Shikoku in 2015 the town of Shikoku was opened 1200 years,The number of guests increased sharply to 27.1% from the previous year. I think that it was not adapted to this, just in front of Tokushima station in October 2015 "Daiwa Roynet Hotel Tokushima Ekimae" opened as a new accommodation. Since there are many opportunities to go to Tokushima, I went to stay for sure to see what it was like as a accommodation destination.

Daiwa Roynet Hotel Tokushima Ekimae [Official site] 1 minute on foot from JR "Tokushima Station"

In front of the station of JR Tokushima station, within a radius of 500 meters, the number of hotels, business hotels, and inns are crowded with over 10 crowds. Among them, the nearest to the station is the station buildingClement PlazaAdjacent toHotel Clement Tokushima. And next is this Daiwa Roynet Hotel in front of Tokushima station.

The photo on the left is Tokushima station, the one on the right is the Daiwa Roynet Hotel Tokushima Station.

The reception is on the 3rd floor of the building. There is a 7-Eleven on the first floor and it is possible to enter without leaving the building.

After checking in, I went to the interior.

The key is a card key type, adopting an orthodox mechanism, which makes room lighting etc accessible by inserting a card key in the slot of the wall.

I turned around the door side from the interior. A large thing that can check from the feet to the head can be checked.

Next to the full-length mirror is an installation type trouser presser.

There are hangers in the space next to the door.

There are four hangers, deodorant spray is also available.

The folding baggage placement is a big one.

Opposite the full-length mirror, there are three foldable hooks. And the air conditioner is installed on the ceiling of the passage part.

The remote control of the air conditioner is fixed to the wall, but the operation can be full control including operation changeover.

The interior side looks like this.

The size of the single room bed is 154 cm × 203 cm.

One light switch and receptacle (MAX 600 W) on the headboard part of the bed.

The sleepwear is a one-piece type of three-quarter sleeve.

Around the desk is such a feeling, although it is quite a wide one with a TV set in place, I can not move the TV.

There is lighting just above the sitting position.

There is also a desk light so you can use your hands quite brightly when working.

Collapsible type mirrors are available.

There are two outlets on the desk.

The television is a 40-inch liquid crystal television, allowing swinging to the left and right.

There is a charger for mobile phones and smartphones in the drawer under the television. Lightning terminal · In addition to the Micro-USB terminal, it also supports iPhone's Dock connector, Xperia's magnet terminal, and feature phone.

The bottom is a refrigerator. The back of the door is shallow but it is possible to store drinks properly, the body is deep enough to enter even boxed lunches.

Next to that is a cup and an electric kettle. Pot is boiled 1 liter, so you can afford to drink and instant food at the same time.

Air purifier under the desk.

And one table and chair apart from the desk.

Since the window glass is a cloudy type like a polished glass, even if you forget to close the curtain, it is possible to prevent the inside of the room from being visible.

The last is a unit bath.

The mirror is equipped with a fog prevention function just around the top of the sink.

The toilet is clear and tankless.

It was TOTO's washlet.

Amenity is hair brush, razor, toothbrush, cotton swab and minimum.

There is a dryer in the bag next to it.

Although it can be helpful to adjust the temperature, there is no function to automatically stop the water spill. Be careful not to overflow.

The bathtub is relatively wide.

Thanks to the application of special discount "Early Bird 7" when we made a reservation on weekdays and 7 days in advance, we booked a standard single room of 6,800 yen including tax, as well as its convenience and the fulfillment of facilities Very satisfied. Even if you do not have discounts, it is helpful to stay single room for 7000 yen to 9,500 yen if you stay as a room.

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