It is reported that Dyson of the vacuum cleaner is developing an electric car

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We are sending out a number of innovative products including vacuum cleaners equipped with "Cyclone Technology"DysonIs reportedly advancing the development of electric vehicles is reported.

Dyson developing an electric car, according to government documents | Environment | The Guardian

This view reported by the news media The Guardian. According to the article, the electric vehicle development plan by Dyson is based on the policy document "National Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2016-2021 (National Infrastructure Development Plan 2016-2021) published by the government agencies in the UK on March 23, 2016 It is said that it turned out.

(PDF)National Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2016-2021 - 2904569_NIDP_2016 - 2021_updated.pdf

This document was published by the British government institution Infrastructure and Projects Authority, and the content of the government-to-private investment plan for the next five years is stated. According to The Guardian, "The government is investing in Dyson, which develops a battery-powered electric vehicle at the headquarters located in Marmesbury, Wiltshire, which will result in a £ 174 million (about 27.8 billion yen) More than 500 employees, mainly investment and engineering, will be guaranteed. "Dyson said electric car development is speculated.

In the document, the name "Dyson" appeared in only one place. Although the description is as follows on page 84, the contents written by The Guardian has not appeared anywhere and it is unknown why the document and The Guardian's description are different.

Forecasts of electric vehicle development by Dyson have been widespread even before, and this case is not the first time. In 2015, when the company's CEO, Max Konz, was asked about electric vehicle development, "We do not rule out any possibilities, just like our friend in Cupertino (Apple) We are also unhealthy working on the technology to improve our products. " Also, when asked for comments again this time, Dyson said that "We will not comment on products under development".

Dyson's founder, Mr. James Dyson, is known for delivering a number of inventions to the world besides the "cyclone technology" that he speaks about his own synonym. You can see that in the following movies created by the James Dyson Foundation.

James Story - YouTube

Although it is slightly different from electric cars, in 2012 Dyson engineers used Dyson products "homebrew cart confrontation" was done.

Engineers gathered in self-made cart using Dyson's powerful motor - GIGAZINE

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