I tried playing Easy Go "Ranka (ranka)" which I can play in 5-15 minutes born of Go

Google's artificial intelligence "AlphaGo" and the top game of Go of Lee · Cedor Kuzue "Artificial Intelligence v The world's strongest shogi playerAlthough the game of the century that the century was fought spread, go has become a big topic, but there are many people shy away from actually playing as "Go is some difficult rule." Easy go that can be played in 5 to 15 minutes is perfect for those who say "I am interested in go but not knowing the rules ..."Ranka (Ranker)"is. Actually playing, the rule was very simple and the hurdles to play were very low, but the game itself became a fascinating game that gets deeply deep into the game.

TANSAN & amp; Co. / Tansan and Company - Ranka Planning · Game Design · Graphic Design · Illustration / 2015 (Board Game)

◆ Photo review
This is Ranka.

In the package, the character which raised hands and feet is drawn in the frame used by Ranka.

The target age is 8 years old and over, and the game is for 2 people. Play time is written as about 15 minutes.

When opening the box with a crackle, there is an instruction manual inside ... ...

In addition, the coma to be used in the game ......

There was a board surface to play the game. The board is made of hard paperboard.

To play with Ranka, first detach the frame from the frame.

There are two types of frames, blue and yellow, each with 52 each.

Looking up the coma is like this. Like the illustration of the package, the eyes are drawn and the impression which is somehow creatures.

It is about this size when put on the palm of hand, the size feel as big as a go stone.

The reverse side of the blue frame is black, the reverse side of the yellow frame is white, even if you play with the black and white surface OK.

Looking at the side from the side is like this. Made of hard paper like cardboard.

The edge part of the frame is rounded on the front side.

Since the surface of the back side becomes easy to be turned over, care must be taken when separating from the backing.

The face of the large sized face with 96 squares ......

There are two types of small sized faces with only 54 squares. It seems to be okay to use a small face until you get used to the game.

◆ Basic rules
The rule is simple, and two players alternately place the coma on the board. The first player is a blue coma.

When you enclose your frame with different color frames as follows ...

I will take the coma. Victory condition is very easy to say that you win if you take 5 or more opponent's side. The rule of "winning if five pieces are taken" is a greatly different part of Go and ranka.

Also, the edges of the board are walls ......

Frames will be taken even if they are caught between the wall and opponent's frame as shown below.

In addition, it is OK to use the wall successfully to enclose multiple opponent's frames at the same time as below.

It is not possible to put coma on the squares already enclosed by the other party's color ... ...

Even in the square surrounded by the blue frame as below, if you can get the opponent's frame by putting it there ... ...

You can get the opponent's frame (blue) by putting the frame. After this, if you put a blue frame at the place where the frame was taken, you can take a yellow frame, but since the same hand will be repeated, once you put the piece on the other square eye If it is not from, you can not go to pick up this frame. This is a game of GoKouSame as the rule of.

The ranker's basic rules are also posted on the official blog of Tankan and Company, the distributor of Ranka, which is also very easy to understand.

Release Memorial Ranka [Ranka] What kind of game is it? Basic Rules - TANSANFABLOG

◆ Additional Rules
In addition, there is a rule that can add to the basic rule and can play in Ranker.

To play with additional rules, use this red and white dot polka dots.

The red chip is what is called "meal".

The reverse side is a gray pattern of gray, the name of this side is "Wall".

Before starting the game, place it one after another from the back (yellow) in free grids alternately. There are 5 chips in all.

Mir and wall (additional chips) are surrounded by their own coma, like a triangular frame, ......

It is possible to get.

Even if you surround additional chips and opponent's pieces together as follows ...

It is possible to get. In the case of a rule using this additional chip, it will be a trial by taking 3 additional chips or taking 5 opponent's frames.

And the difference between meal and wall is that while the meal is just a tip, the wall is a chip and it is also a wall. In other words, if you enclose your opponent with the wall and your own frame, you can get the opponent's frame.

◆ I actually played
So, actually the beginner played Ranker with a large size board with additional rule, the game ended in less than 3 minutes. The following movie is played at double speed as a beginner played Ranker among beginners.

When a beginner plays "Ranka (ranka)" like this - YouTube

When playing in the editorial department of GIGAZINE, there was only a beginner in the game of Go but there was sometimes a game over, taking a lot of pieces at once in the following manner, but as I played, "This is a bad hand," There is a way of escape ", you can look around for various awareness. In such awareness, it is very interesting to devise a counterfeit, and while playing with beginners, while you are fighting once, "This guy, this strange way to fire ... ...!" It is evolving into ... .... ?! "There are many things and it is very exciting. Also, when you change your opponent, it is also interesting that there is a surprise such as "There was such a hammering!

Also, since the game ends very quickly if it is the smaller board surface, it was an image closer to the fifth grid than rather than go. It may be good to use a small board surface when playing with small children. On the other hand, since there are many places where you can arrange coma with many squares on the side of big boards, I think long ago, I feel like an opponent of go.

In addition, if you play with additional rules, you can also encounter a surprise you can not taste with the basic rule of "Wall is such a place ...!!" "If you were concerned only with taking a piece, you got three chips taken and lost" It was quite there.

Incidentally, Ranka is a coma ......

It is possible to store the board face in a box.

This box is about this size compared with iPhone 6, so it is a big point that you can easily carry around.

In addition, RankaAmazon.co.jpIt is sold at 1944 yen including tax.

Amazon.co.jp | Easy Go: Ranka | Go mail order}

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