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ASUS JAPAN is SIM lock free 5.5-inch Android smartphone "ZenFone GoWe will announce it will be released in late March. Equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 400 quad core CPU, 2 GB RAM, a large capacity 3010 mAh battery, out-camera 8 million pixels, in-camera 5 million pixels and many shooting modes including "beautiful effects" and "night view mode" . "ZenMotion" which can operate intuitively and "Kids mode" for children can also be used, and the color develops three colors of black, white and blue. The price is 19,800 yen by tax.

ASUS ZenFone Shop

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

I tried to see that the topic of 3.11 gradually disappears from one side of the newspaper - GIGAZINE

"Combustion system" food effective on the fat around you 10 - GIGAZINE

Pancake has eaten pancake to my heart's content with the all-you-can-eat shop "ELK" - GIGAZINE

I went to "Aoyama Cafe" at the 2nd store in "Blue Bottle Coffee" and tried a limited menu - GIGAZINE

Illustrate what the sound of the old dial-up connection "Pyohyoroloro ~ ♪" was doing is like this - GIGAZINE

The possibility that Minecraft is banned as a violent game causing bullying - GIGAZINE

A notebook "Passion Planner" that will make it possible to perform forward-looking tasks toward the goal forward - GIGAZINE

I tried to actually play RPG "Shinjuku Dungeon" which reproduced completely the complex structure of Shinjuku station - GIGAZINE

A great algorithm summary that has evolved computers - GIGAZINE

Freeze and stop working MacBook Pro baked in the oven Revival - GIGAZINE

Japanese font for logo creation that can be used for commercial purposes free of charge "Logo Tapu Gothic" - GIGAZINE

SmartWallit Pro card for keeping it in a wallet and preventing it from being stolen - GIGAZINE

TrendMicro Announces Survey Results That One of 10 Android Applications Is Malware - GIGAZINE

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5 Years since the Great East Japan Earthquake, 5 Years of Stable TV Tokyo: Market Status Kabu Full Power 2 Story

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Bacteria discovering pet resin decomposition Keio University etc. Group NHK News

Fish lie and lose ground | National Geographic Japan version site

New idea to fly reproductive strategy to select partner in "quality of semen" | National Geographic Japan version site

Space jellyfish? Nikkei Science from the April 2016 issue | Nikkei Science

Collapsing Ice Arches, Pelito Moreno Glacier Argentina 24 pictures International News: AFPBB News

Atmospheric CO2 in the world, one year skyward photographs by 2015 International News: AFPBB News

"The annual rate of increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration in 2015 is a sharp rise of 3.05 ppm, in fact, the largest annual increment during the 56 years' investigation."

I'd like you to read the literature, Ranube in the science world Blue Bucks - Korilog

Suddenly PubMed is hard to read the original text of the paper, then it is not as flashy as the beautiful woman descends from the sky or awakens day with supernatural ability, but the dynamical molecular and cellular world that is inevitable with it is casual written science I believe that it will surely become interesting if you read Blue Bucks of the world and understand even a little chemical or physical touch alone.

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That day. - Yukibou's Hideout on Hatena

NHK news to the delay issue of recovery for 5 years from the Great East Japan Earthquake

Those who are obliged to evacuate their lives in temporary housing, rental houses, etc., are summarized by the reconstruction agency as of 12th December last year, which is over 174,000. According to the reconstruction agency, the "disaster municipal housing" constructed for those who can not reconstruct their own houses, compared to the plan of more than 29,900 houses, as of the end of January, 10 thousand It is only 44% and 48%.

Information on stopping the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is not shared on the scene NHK News

Up to 40 years NHK news on completion of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station decommissioning reactor

Ina journal coverage reports Mr. Inada pointed out the relationship with the losing society - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

7 Kidship passed to one place ... in Osaka · Hannan Opposite signature over 10,000 people: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Establishment of Mitsubishi Aircraft, MRJ's final assembly plant open observation passage

Lesson # 3.11 Measure five years ago and five years | Science Communicator blog

K said.
"Do not you think that the measured fish is more reliable than a fish that does not measure (radiation dose)?"

Treatment of nursery teachers "Specific improvement measures in spring" Prime Minister Abe: Asahi Shimbun Digital

In response to the question of Mr. Yoshiko Kira of the Communist Party, Prime Minister Abe has realized that there is a problem of treatment including salary. In the 100 million total activity plan to be compiled this spring, concrete and effective remedy We will secure talent, "he said.

"Initial mistake" ruling party also complained "The nursery school has fell" Prime Minister Surrounding Issues: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Receive government blogs and consider concrete measures for waiting children NHK News

Democratic President "Constitutional Democratic Party" Ishinha presents "Democratic Progressive Party" NHK News

Increase revenue in less time. Ajinomoto changes the basic salary without changing the working hours by 20 minutes a day. Bear equivalent to 14,000 yen - Vision mission growth blog

IS abduction · escape from rape, appealing that the Yazidi girl "helps" Photo 6 international news: AFPBB News

Bank of the biggest in the history of England, one sentence sentence for imprisonment for elderly main crime cases International News: AFPBB News

This incident that the prosecution called "the biggest theft in England Judicial History" was sometimes compared to the popular movie "Ocean's Eleven." Apart from that the main criminal was pensioners, however.

A woman who kidnapped a newborn baby and raised for 17 years, South African photograph guilty one international news: AFPBB News

Mr. Suu Kyi to New President Myanmar to be elected as close as possible: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mr. Suu Kyi who is a loser or son of English nationality can not become a president. However, in the country where the political rule of the military has continued, it is the first time in 56 years that non-military persons will be elected political leaders through democratic procedures.

Medium 3 students Suicide NHK News parents talk about in documents

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"Eggs, eat'm okay," said noticed Japanese | Food Safety | JBpress

It was 4000 RT on Twitter "Is rice ball better to wrap with aluminum than rap" is true? - mesh passage

Lehman walking at night, I will ask you to use the light

@naomiuno • Instagram Photos and Videos
Cats and dining tablets Happy accounts where you can see pictures

Saka cheese package photograph is exploding occasionally, so-called "Bomber Sake Che" | INS-MAGAZINE.ORG

Attraction of Kowloon Castle: philosophy news nwk

Reason for raising minimum wage - himaginary's diary

Harvard Univ. From the entrance examination to the academic ability test "Exile": Nikkei Business Online

World's largest passenger ship, first test sailing France photo 24 international news: AFPBB News

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Understand convolution neural network in natural language processing · Kenshin mansion

Human vs. AI: commentator of 9 steps of Go, apologize to viewers who can not explain - Chosun Online | Chosun Ilbo

Web design is overwhelmingly successful Chrome's Extension 12 Select | UX MILK

Basic check of PHP web application is slow 6 points - Honjoburudo

1. Measure the response with the developer tool of the web browser
2. Output the request time of the Web server (Apache) to the log
3. Check the number of accompanying requests for each URL with the log analysis tool
4. Output the slow query log of the database
5. Measure the processing time for each function in the server side application using the profiler
6. Increase the version of PHP (or language used) and framework

A story in which a blog entered a company and graduated to recruit - a new graduate antenna by moto®

Writing the bad reputation of DYM on social, if the company employee complains to the president telephone / if it is free Lawyers contact lawyer - Togetter Summary

Announcement of the end of a loose ending blog - Yokoiro Brows

Create a free and easy logo! Design rich anime style logo manufacturer site summary - Posi bear's life story

AlphaGo second victory victory AI does not stop - shi 3 z's long diary

【LINE】 Conduct survey on the use of news service among generations | LINE Corporation | News

Summary of survey results

· When listening to the media / device to use when browsing the news, there are many responses from smartphones (overall: 84%) and television (overall: 61%), with little difference between age. On the other hand, smartphones and televisions are considered to be the protagonists of media / devices for browsing news, as utilization rates tend to decrease as PCs and newspapers become younger.

· The total number of news services used on smartphones is 49% in Yahoo! * 1, total of all ages, followed by 23% for LINE * 2 and 15% for non-LINE SNS. The SNS including LINE and the comprehensive service tend to have higher utilization rates as the age is younger.

Will it be a ghost in the Phantom of "Magicone Play Illegalization" Revived with TPP, "Violation of deemedisation"? The draft amendment to the copyright law is obvious - INTERNET Watch

Kakuyom search (preliminary version)

"IFTTT" ends support of "Diago" and "Readability" with 3/23 | iPod LOVE

Web services whose support is aborted on March 23 are, BuzzFeed, Campfire, Diigo, Etsy, ffffound,, Readability, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, Yammer. After 3/23, these channels are deleted, recipes are also deleted, so they will not be usable.

MVNO Cheap SIM Speed ​​Comparison March Menu Partial MVNO Confirms Speed ​​Control for Communication Outside Speed ​​Test | Sumaho Dictionary

During Spithes you can clearly see that it is regulated at speeds up to 12 Mbps while video and image downloading is limited to 300 to 500 kbps.

It seems that the contents which is on fire are apparently correct, and it seems that there is no mistake that fine regulation which FREETEL communication speed does not know by speed test alone is mistaken.

Regarding FREETEL, further investigation was carried out after this, but there is no regulation in the morning, regulation starts when entering noon, regulation is not done after 13 o'clock, for example, the test result at 16 o'clock is 10 Mbps The above is recorded normally. And around 23 o'clock the regulation disappeared almost until the next day at 12 o'clock, so apparently I was able to confirm that the execution of regulation is changing according to the situation of the band.

【NIKON】 Announcement of service termination - Nico Nico Info

"Effects of Apple features and examples of video advertisement" by Mr. Manaburi, an application developer, | APPREVIEW

Next, let me share what you have probably noticed most about, what I was careful about to be featured. "Water puzzle a [Q] ua" was aiming at features at Apple from the beginning. I analyzed the odor which Apple likes like me and emphasized the atmosphere of the application. The keyword in this application is "kindness, cute, family".
The "water puzzle a [Q] ua" made in this way was actually chosen because when choosing an application to be featured on Apple, the "family" part of the above keyword got caught, playing with parents and children It seems that it was one of the reasons that I was able to create something. What I remember from the stories I heard from Apple is that "Quality is absolute, I will see the quality anyway, please raise the quality". I think that quality should not be compromised if it aims at features.
If you have a confident app, you may want to contact the "Email address to recommend to features feature ([email protected])" published at the conference.

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)

Pretty girl game maker suffering from illegal copying, copy protected implementation of "world's highest level" | Slad security

Is it okay for the game cafe that does not return profits to authors as it is? : 【AHC blog】 TRPG · analog game circle

Board game producer and the future of play space - pen and dice - pen and dice - BLOG

"Otaru Maru" Konishi Hioko charges criminal charges against slander! The writer who was identified was "Animator Writer" ... |

Note: Hiroko Konishi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It is OfficeSquirrel. I am sorry to be very busy. Therefore, one case after July 2014, two cases (including case addition) including the above-mentioned Wikipedia article writers around June 2015, Konishi Hiroko, and Nagano Prefecture police detective under various offenses against the office Criminal complaints are officially accepted in the section (including Cyber ​​Section). Although it is an important time due to investigation, etc. We have refrained from publication etc. so far, since we can not decline the credibility of business etc. any more, those who are supervised by this matter, We will ask you to remand the article promptly within 5 days from the present time (until the date we have posted your wishes from our company). In addition, though it seems that each opinion is also there, I would like you to refrain from objective discussion for those other than the party involved with responsibility. - Officesquirrel LLC (Conversation) December 26, 2015 (Sat) 05: 03 (UTC)

I need journalism of the public stance.? Hiroko Konishi website "Bearclaw Spruce Top"

Konishi Hiroko Innovative judgment and decision made by himself in litigation.

1. Is the entertainer a public person? How far can you express it? What is defamation?

2. Topics such as talent, how far is it?

3. Instant out expressions.

4. A case of defamation that the court surely acknowledges.

I hope I can book it somewhere in the future.

About libelous articles

I found out the facts with recent postings, articles on Wikipedia, etc. I am looking for "writer" who wrote an article about the director named corner copper, "Toyono's new voice actor changed from Konishi" I will. If it is not found, we will start the appropriate legal means including criminal proceedings with unknown occupation name.

A story about making a tax return service "DOSIN · DOT · TAX" dedicated to a tax accountant who understands Babu and a coterie writer - @ nalgami

"Otaku creators in Japan do not try overseas at any favorable condition" The reason is too superior - Togetter Summary

I can not move oil fields. In other words, Europe comes.

Even if it is not white people can save the world ─ Hero manga culture in Africa Flowering photo 11 images International News: AFPBB News

Café "Hex-In-Games" in Fukui and Tsuruga 2500 points board games, foreign lovers also - Fukui Keizai Shimbun

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"April is your lie" special information - YouTube

How did the Tokyo generation see the Rio generation? Frank "distance feeling" which the current U - 19 player said. - Japan national football team - Number Web - number

Nadesiko Sasaki retires with a smile 125 rounds won 80 wins! A number of generous generals leaving glory ...: footballnet [Football summary]

5: Mr. Nanashi @ I'm sorry. @ \ (^ O ^) / 2016/03/10 (Thurs) 19: 29: 25.33 ID:
I am a Japanese supervisor with the best track records

◆ UEFA-EL ◆ R16 1st Dortmund × Tottenham result Dortmund 3 victories! Kagawa plays from the latter half of 37 minutes (highlight)

【Kagawa Shinji】 What he felt from rivals who gave results with the same circumstances as myself | Football Digest Web

◆ UEFA - EL ◆ R16 1st Liverpool × Man U Results Liverpool 2 outstanding! Man U is in a struggle against desperate strife (all goals)

◆ Small video mini ◆ Higuain and Reina are also Nico Nico! Naples practicing scenery that head sliding to a puddle is too fun www

AC Milan A 380 decal | Timelapse | Emirates - YouTube

5 years since the earthquake ... Kagawa, Honda 3.11 message "What I Can Do From Now" | Gexaca [Kodansha]

"Remembrance is obligation" ... 5 years since the earthquake, Dell Clown message to Japan | Football King

Dell Piero said in Japanese: "In order not to forget the Great East Japan Earthquake ... Five years have passed today from the tragedy of the earthquake and tsunami that hit the people of Japan. It is obligatory for everyone to remember the victims of this terrible event And, I raise a message by standing up with extraordinary courage and strength, praising the Japanese people who started rebuilding and reconstructing, learning from you ... ".

Fuji TV, "Fuji TV NEXTsmart" subscription only F1 live broadcast distribution is over 【】

From 2016 only "Fuji Television NEXTsmart" subscription can not view F1 live broadcast distribution over the Internet.

Until last year, if you join "Fuji TV NEXTsmart" of 1200 yen per month, all sessions from F1 Friday's free running to the finals in the Internet environment could be watched on a full live broadcast.

Strict demands on mechanic track racing wear of team skies like limousine | cyclowired

It looks like a moving experimental facility, there may be a deterrent even on crime prevention. It is overwhelmed by making it unique, unlike anything else that is functional in appearance.

The truth of Blader Runner's mystery "Two are enough!" Deckard seems to have ordered ridiculous items and quantity - Togetter Summary

A movie that is unforgivable for China hits in Hong Kong: Nikkei Business Online

"Why is there no democracy in Hong Kong, because there are no people who lost their lives because of that?" - A student who lives in this area that was once a British territory believes that won the freedom is worth the people to shed blood. For example, seeking independence from China, the radicals rampage in downtown areas. A citizen protests in the presence of the British consulate and disappears. The Beijing government sends tanks to suppress such resistance ....

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New flavor appeared in luxury ice for adults "GRAN Matcha" "GRAN Almond Praline" New Release

Everyone 's Egg Plate new release! | Matsuya Foods

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